रात को सो लेते हो?

Last week Ruchi Nasa of the Vagabond reached out to me. She was disturbed over the current divide in India over religious lines and how we have successfully converted an International Medical and Health Emergency into a communal issue. The communal divide is on the rise and the gap is widening at a greater rate than ever. This is where she felt that it was our responsibility to raise our voices and try to make this world a better place.

I am not sure how much this piece would help in making our message reach out but still a futile attempt. I wrote this after three sleepless troubling nights because of Delhi riots of 2020.

Raat ko so lete ho hindi poem

रात को सो लेते हो?

नौ माह की बच्ची को जला कर,
रात को सो लेते हो?

इंसानियत की आबरू तार तार करके,
रात को सो लेते हो?

भाई को भाई से, इंसान को इंसान से लड़वा कर,
रात को सो लेते हो?

राम के नाम पर, अल्लाह के नाम पर ख़ून बहा कर,
रात को सो लेते हो?

ख़ून से गूंदी हुयी रोटियाँ खा कर,
रात को सो लेते हो?

उस भीड़ के शोर में, लाशों के ढ़ेर में,
रात को सो लेते हो?

किसी की कोख़, किसी का आशियाँ उजाड़,
रात को सो लेते हो?

देश का माथा बाँट कर, दिल को दहला कर,
रात को सो लेते हो?

अपने बच्चों को नफ़रत की भेंट चढ़ा कर,
रात को सो लेते हो?

हाथों और ज़मीर पर खून होते हुए,
रात को सो लेते हो?

सिसकियों के सेज़ पर, जलते शवों के सेंक पर,
रात को सो लेते हो?

ना तू हिन्दू है ना तू मुस्लमान,
तू तो बस हैवान है बस हैवान,

आज कहीं अल्लाह और राम भी नहीं सोयेंगे,
कहीं बैठ वो दोनों भी रोयेंगे,
क्या पता कौन आधी रात गए,
उनका नाम पुकार कर,
किसी को मौत के घाट उतार कर,
चैन से सो जाये…

I would like to take this opportunity to pass on the baton to my dear friends Rashi Roy, Pooja Priyamvada, Piya Gajbe, Noor Anand Chawla, PraGun Priyanka Nair and Vibhu Gaur to use their power of words and try to make a difference however small it is.

Do share your views about the current poem. You can read previous Poems here. Also, let me know if you want me to write more of Hindi Poetry.

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16 Responses

  1. Manas your poem is as heartrending and as significant today as it was in January.
    Thank you for tagging me- I addressed the “communal blame for Covid” issue in a recent post during the A to Z Challenge.
    I will repost that on Facebook and tag others to share their take on it too.
    It’s so important to speak up because I only see it getting worse from hereon.

    • Manas Mukul says:

      Thank you for the appreciation. Its wonderful that you already have a penned one. Looking forward to it. 🤗😊👍

  2. Rashi Roy says:

    This poem gives goosebumps whenever I read it. It’s impossible to have a sound sleep when people out there are killing each other. So much hatred, so much violence, for what?

    I grew up in an environment where religion was never an issue. Everyone was treated equally and that is the reason why a fight over religion is unimaginable to me.

    As far as your poem is concerned, you have written a brilliant piece. I really appreciate the way you weave your words in Hindi. Write more. Thanks for tagging. I wish I could write something so profound.

    • Manas Mukul says:

      Thank you so much for your appreciation Rashi ji. These motivating words definitely keep me going. Hopeful to see something from you too. You are right it pains to see the peaceful fabric of our country being torn apart so easily. Thanks again.

  3. Ruchi Nasa says:

    Written word is never futile….even a single heart if touched will be worth. Isn’t it ? Beautiful poem and heart touching.

  4. soniadogra says:

    Beautiful words Manas!

  5. Pr@Gun says:

    This poem of yours has moved me since the day I read it and has left an effect deep within.
    Goosebumps, deeper thoughts, questioning humanity, life lessons it raises every query possible.

    इन सवालों का जवाब देने से पहले क्या रात को सो लेते हो ?
    इंसानियत पर उठते सवालों के बीच क्या रात को सो लेते हो ?

    Thanks for tagging me, although won’t be able to write so contemplating as yours.
    You have a way with words and I would love to read more of your Hindi pieces for sure.

    • Manas Mukul says:

      Thank you thank you thank you. Your heartfelt appreciation means a lot. Will surely try to come up with more of Hindi writing too.

  6. I was wrenched then and I’m wrenched now. Every word makes one think over n over again that which way are we heading really.

  7. This is painful to read I only wonder how difficult it must have been to write. In my attempt keeping it small and supporting people from all communities and religions around us.

    • Manas Mukul says:

      You are doing an amazing job if you are doing that Urvashi ji. Each step counts. Hate can never be encountered with more hate. Thanks for stopping by. Really appreciate.

      • BJ Patel says:

        When we live in a society where 20% keeps taking and demanding. 80% keep giving in eventually something will snap. Like Gandhiji said if we take an eye for an eye there will be many blind people in the world. The question is WHO is turning this covid 19 in to religious hatered. Notice how this principle is used the world over everything and everywhere in the world anything happens relgion is always brought in, Certain agenda there

  8. Archana says:

    I got goosebumps while reading this Manas, it is really painful to witness where are we humans heading? Our nation was never known for inhumanity and hatred.

    • Manas Mukul says:

      I ask that question everyday to myself… Where are we heading… Thanks for appreciating Archana ji.

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