You, Me & The Universe

Every time a book is published, a dream comes true. Well, my dream has also been realised. I take this opportunity to present my first poetry book – ‘You, Me & The Universe’ – Poems on the Conspiracies of the Universe. You can Order the book NOW!

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The Blurb

The world is witnessing some unprecedented times. The pandemic has come as a once in a lifetime phenomenon. Many are able to cope with it, some are not. Manas found his solace in writing. For three continuous months during the lockdown in India he surrendered himself to writing free verses and poetry. He believes this too is a conspiracy of the Universe like many others, for us to realise what are the things that are most important to us. You, Me & The Universe is a collection about such conspiracies around Love, Longing and Loss. A book that will amuse your heart and you might end up finding some words for your muse. 

About the Book – You, Me & The Universe

The Universe has conspired and given its verdict. Now, it’s all about ‘You, Me & The Universe.’ The book is a collection of verses. These are not exactly poems or stories or tales. These are free verses on the conspiracies of the Universe. They are in no sense only romantic. That ‘You’ can be anyone – partner, parents or siblings. They are based on how the Universe conspires and puts us in situations that are beyond meaningful comprehensions of us mere mortals. You will relate to them as per the situations you are undergoing; that’s their beauty. We have always heard of the cliche that if we want something badly then the whole Universe conspires to get us that thing – well this collection is all about writing about those conspiracies.

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Did you always hope that someone would write a poem dedicated to you? Make that dream come true. As a Holidays special gift you will get a signed copy,

For ordering you can either use the below mentioned Google Doc or Buy Now button. You can also use GPay to pay me and save convenience fee on the payment link

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Go ahead, Shower some Love. Become a part of My Universe.

You can read a sample poem here – Deep under the Warmth of that Blanket

Eagerly waiting for your reviews.

If you face any issues, or for any clarification please feel free to reach out to me. You can also write to me at

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