With Love, From Russia…

With Love, from Russia…
This story takes place in August 2012…
It was a usual hot and humid august day…but for some reason was one of the most important days of my life…frankly speaking, would turn out to be THE most important of them all. I was standing at the IGI airport, at the ‘Arrivals’. She pinged me last night to tell that she’ll reach by 2 pm IST. In the excitement of meeting her…just having a glance of her…I reached there about 2 hours in advance. She was traveling from Russia. It flashed on the screens, her flight arrived. The time it took for her to collect her baggage and come out, seemed like ages. I was getting more n more curious… to meet my LOVE in person for the FIRST time (yes it’s true, I was yet to meet her…and was already in love with her).
The sun was scorching that day with no breeze at all. I was sweating profusely and my shirt was completely soaked, the shirt for which it took me about a month to decide. She finally arrived (alone). The first sight of her…made all the sweat, heat and sun disappear…atleast I felt so. She ‘outshone’ the sun. Everything seemed to me as a scene from a Bollywood movie…where everything in the background becomes still…there is wind everywhere and suddenly the angry red faced sun becomes a cute and pleasant smiley.
She was the most amazingly beautiful person I had ever seen. Her green eyes had great depth in them…were as calm as an ocean…her face was as soothing as a mother’s hug. She was the superlative form of beauty, if ever there was. She was as hot as a Lara Croft and with her stunning looks…my hard pounding heart had to keep on reminding me that I was still alive. She saw me and started walking towards me…I guess my baldness helped her find me in the crowd 😉 . I tried my best to look presentable enough with all the possible accessories that I could have put on.
About 10 months back…
I was going through a very dull phase in my life. My Ex had kicked me out of her life 2 years back…no job…no motivation…something prompted me to pursue MBA. My life was slowly but surely becoming pathetic. During the late 2010 I started a blog and started posting whatever stuff I possibly could, just to give me momentary happiness. I knew that I won’t be able to go to people and speak about stuff…so what better way than a blog. I am not being immodest but the blog brought me a bit of fan following too. I started interacting with people whom I never met. It even drew a lot of female attention 😉 .
One day I received an email from twitter saying that ‘Someone’ has started following you. The name was interesting enough for me to go and check her profile. She was from Russia…which got me curious and as normal Indian boy (of 25) would do, went on to check her profile on facebook…she had an awesome profile pic…messaged her…sent her a friend request. To my surprise, she accepted my request and pinged me. This is how it all started. The first thing which I noticed on her profile was that she was above 30…but that was not good enough to deter me.
We chatted and chatted and chatted. I felt …or I should say we felt that there was a ‘Spark’. We got to know each other better. The first shock came to me when she told me, that she was divorced…we still chatted. The second one was…she has a kid…I guess that should have been good enough to put me off but that wasn’t. I don’t know when we became addicted to each other. If she wasn’t busy…me as usual always free…and there was internet around…we were hooked on to each other. Whether it was 11 pm in Russia or 4 am in Dubai or 12 noon in India, if it was possible we were together (online). I must take this opportunity to really appreciate her how she put up with me. There were days also when she tried to push me away because of her age, her past or her kid…but the more I got to know of her…I was becoming more and more, Sure of her. She told me that she’ll be visiting India in August and then we will meet. I told her; let’s keep this ‘Spark’ thing going…and when we meet in August we’ll see where it leads us. I even told her that I have already discussed about you with my mom and sister…and they both are pretty cool about it. She agreed to meet in August.
The present…
It was the third day of her stay in India…it was her birthday. I took her out…showed some places around…went from roadside stalls…to malls…from crowded markets to secluded temples. Finally after having a lavish dinner (let me boast a little…it was one of the most expensive dinners that I ever bought) we went to her hotel. We ordered dessert and were busy discussing the day. As we already had the dinner, I made it sure that we have a candle light dessert 😉 .
I moved close to her…took her hand in my hand…kissed on her forehead…went on my knee…looked straight in her eyes…and said…I would love to LOVE and take care of PIP and YOU for the rest of my life. Her green eyes became moist…we hugged…she kissed me…there were tears and cheers at the same time. Her touch insisted…and we made love. I remember in one of her chats she mentioned,” I make love…not sex”, and I guess she was now in LOVE with me.
For all those who are married,
For all those who want to get married,
For all those who will never get married,
For all those who have found their soul mates,
It’s not a Goodbye,
But it’s a GOOD BYE…aur han this might be the futuristic story of my marriage 😉 .

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  1. ……story kahan hai,,,,,discription hi hai …bus,,,,
    it could be better…nice try!

  2. shwetika says:

    z ths a real story..??gud 1 n keep it up..

  3. suyog says:

    kal kaun si date hai….
    u made love and not sex….tats good…….story mein crisis nahin hai…….crisis makes character(hero) come strong ……but the good thing is suspense hai…u keep people wondering whether its real……gr8

  4. Jay says:

    Very nicely written and great picturisation of the events..keeps your curiosity to read til the end…Good Going Manas…

  5. mithil293 says:

    I did enjoyed it .bbut to be fair with you.i wasnt much drawn into ititwas more of like..come and go…nevertheless grt work keep more coming

  6. nikhilpoddar says:

    Nice. Keep it up.

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