When GOD went WRONG….

When GOD went WRONG….
To commence with, this composition has no prattle about love( for a change) as my last two pieces of writing were on those lines….. The mere mention of this title to the reader would spring in an obvious thought and that is “Has he lost his sanity……what has the recent string of failures done to him”…. But the truth is my friends in all medical conditions my mental state is perfectly balanced. The point of colloquy today is God and his Justice.
No one has seen HIM…and those who have are not alive to narrate their chronicles. Different regions … various communities and several beliefs in the world have given HIM numerous names, but they all postulate and acknowledge that there is a FORCE that is omnipresent…. There is something that controls everything…which governs everything. Let me elucidate the thing that I do believe in GOD and his power but there are some doubts which have emanated on the surface (atleast of my thoughts) which are left unexplained.
The more you live life ….. The more you experience it ……the more questions there are. How many of us have felt that someone has got more than what he DESERVES. People say that it’s the fruits of your deeds from previous births and the same people also add that one goes through HELL and HEAVEN in the same lifetime. I think only one can be valid at a time.
You are at the venue of your first placement….eagerly waiting for your results….the HR comes with the list….announces names….and tragically your name is not there….but what’s more appalling is, that the one who only has 60% of marks gets through….and you end up tearing your resume which boasts off 80%….and your final words out of the venue are,” Saala deserve nahi karta tha”. And here is my question: where was God during all this? Or Was this justice?…..
A billionaire who owns a company worth Rs. 5000 cr….gets caught in a scam at the age of 55….the court takes its own sweet time of ten years to convict him…at the age of 65 he gets jail…which has all the best facilities of the world as he is a royal personality….and then he dies at 70….My question here is: Where was the HELL he was supposed to go through….65 yrs of HEAVEN to 5 yrs of HELL….fair enough.
The most technologically developed and advanced country of the world….is completely ravaged by one of the most severe earthquakes and tsunamis of our times….people say it’s the deeds of the bad people for which GOD has punished them….And what about those Good people who had total faith in him….what about those little kids who were yet to discover the absolute difference between good and bad and end up losing their lives to the ALMIGHTY’s justice….And my question is: if he is supposed to punish the wrong doers, Isn’t he there to protect the good ones….what about their prayers, worship and good deeds???
A woman marries her love…..she worships God regularly….she dedicates and devotes all her life to her husband, household and GOD…..her husband comes home…hands her a paper….which ends her 25yrs of marriage…..my question goes like this : was she rightly rewarded by God for her Love, devotion and sacrifices that she made all throughout her life? To GOD……Did she deserve this???

Everywhere you see there is pain, suffering, tears and poverty….when God is also there. Why doesn’t he eradicate poverty….atleast he can do enough to feed everybody once a day. It seems as if the GOD’s court of justice has a judge as blind as our court of law…that in the end punishes the sinner but forgets to reward the worshiper. Wake up God!! Time to do the balancing act right.
I am not questioning his authority… I am just asking him to be more authoritative, taking control of the situations. I hope he is reading this as everyone of us has a God inside us….its high time GOD….punish the sinners…make them suffer but more than that, Do take care of the ones who LOVE you, PRAY to you, BELIEVE in you and WORSHIP you or they’ll end up asking IS THERE ANY GOD??????
For all those who believe in GOD,
For all those who don’t believe in GOD,
For all those who pray to HIM,
For all those who worship GOD,
For all those who trust HIM with their lives,
For all those who have dedicated their lives in search of HIM,
For all those who have found GOD….
It’s not a GOODBYE
But it’s a GOOD BYE……..aur han JUST KEEP PRAYING…shayad koi sach ho jaye.

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14 Responses

  1. nikhil srivastava says:

    sum of all 1 has a doubt abt……


    Krishna ki nagri dwrika bhi paani mei doob gayi thi just like wat happend in japan….ram ki ayodhya bhi mayusi ke sanate mein gum ho gayi thi vijaya dashmi se pehle…bohat saare examples hain……jab is mrityulok pe ishwar ne itne kasht sahe hai…….then we r just human…..sab kuch rehne par bhi inssan dukhi rehta hai……aur sab kuch naa rehne par bhi…..

  3. Shraddha says:

    U know what the point is… If u r a follower u don’t question n if u do then u ain’t what you call a believer… However the article I think has a lot of questions which will remain unanswered for a thousand decades to come or may be till eternity…. N according to me GOD is not an entity.. he is just an excuse… may be to keep something good alive in the world… or rather to punish the culprit in the name of God’s punishment… all dat is nothing but a nonsensical way of creating societal norms…

  4. Ratnesh Pal says:

    A good article once again…
    @Shraddha : i don’t know u but i like ur comment 🙂 mainly the last two lines…

  5. Prateek says:

    am not commenting on how u hv written, am commenting on what u hv written.
    I read it somewhere, suits best in feedback to ur blog “life is like playing a game of chess with God. After your every move he makes the next move. Your moves are called Choices and his moves are called Challenges”

  6. manisha singh says:

    for centuries people have questioned the existence of God .It is said that god creatd man but what i feel is that we creatd God so that peopl fear god and this cud prevnt them frm doing wrong deeds… see this helps in maintainin a balance btween good n evil…

  7. Dushyant kumar says:

    may be i am the only atheist here but recently some thing happened that pulled away all my doubts and made a a pure atheist….
    If god’s there then y are those people enjoying life who deserve hell…
    And if we take a closer look people say “god will punish u” but nothing happens…
    its just a way to scare some coward because if u try this on someone who has balls he will beat the hell out of u and go happly

  8. pallavi srivastava says:

    a really good article n nicely written……..went thru a mixture of feelings while readin this article…..i appreciate ur thought but what my take is…..the Almighty shouldn’t be held responsible for all that is going wrong wid his believers……i think everything in everybody’s lyf is destined…..And as u mentioned that there resides God in every living being….so i think he is dere to provide u d spiritual strength to fight back ur problems……its depends on us whether to punish our sinners or be contended with we have…….the Almighty doesn’t need to pay for being worshipped……….JUST A THOUGHT……:)

  9. Shikhar says:

    God’s been placed right in front of everyone….infact its not him literally but..its d question..GOD??
    But no one’s going to get d answers..so “neki kar dariya me daal ” seems to be d only option..

  10. Ankur Srivastava says:

    Read your blog late probably, but as I understand it we the generation so called NEXT. The patience level is low in fact very low. I have neither the experience nor the level of knowledge to explain every bit of it but will give you some insights of how I am looking at it these days. There are moments where we question his presence but why. Isn’t it that we asking for a favour or a little more when we are denied we question his presence while we get it we bow down for the blessings.
    I like myself that is my problem and why should force some one to like me. Not everyone is blessed or destined to do the star work , probably I am in the waiting…..Life is a comedy of errors enjoy it and suppress it accordingly. I liked the lines of 80 percentage one but remember the management you has directed the H.R. to get mediums only, probably you need to aim a little higher and wait for your turn instead of looking for the favour -May God Bless- A.S.

  11. sometyms it’s really late fr justice, may b b’cz he wanna show the ‘worst’ effect to bring the upcomin’ generat’n to right track………….
    Recently, in my neighbrhood a ‘black-marketr’ has been exposed who was running govt. ‘rashan seva’; in whch he made poor needy public to weep fr daily rashan lyk ‘kerosene, sugar etc….’ nd their ‘badDuaa’ took him to jail……….nd evrythng was seized
    ……………….nd sill, picture abhi baki hai fr him………..:D
    Nyaya milta hai, par der se…………:)

  12. Pr@Gun says:

    I had always questioned the existence, when I read pilgrims meet with accident, or thieves or bad people live longer and social helpers or helping humans loose their lives, when a prospective candidate misses an opportunity and many such instances. If it’s God then why all this sadness and negativity, yes we do question. Some say its pichle janam some say iss janam ka fal, destiny and all… societal norms, traditions and al,l may be this is all to just bind us as a society… Can’t comment what’s right or wrong, but yes I agree the supernatural power that controls can be authoritative.
    I simply see God in natural elements instead of any idol or name. But then why natural calamities occur.. its all beyond our control.
    Great post

    • Manas Mukul says:

      … And you already know what I believe in and what not… Thanks for reading and leaving such a thoughtful comment. 😊👍🏼

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