Through the Mist – Book Review

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Through the Mist – Book Review
Book: Through the Mist
Author: Sona Grover, Abirami,
Adhithya, Nimitha & Rupali
Reviewed By: Manas Mukul
Publisher: Jimpify Publishing (29 Aug 2017)
Price: Rs 99
Pages: 92 (pdf)
Language: English
My rating: 3/5
One picture – Five Authors – Five stories – One Book. This in itself is an interesting premise for anyone to enlist ‘Through The Mist’ in his or her reading list.
About four years back I took part in a collaborative effort to come up with content worthy of publishing. Collaborative writing can sometimes turn out to be very tricky. It can be less writing ‘effort’ but it can surely be more ‘headaches’. When too many heads collide taking a story in a definite direction then sometimes the story takes the back seat and ego begins to power the engine. Anyway, let’s not digress.
Sona Grover, one of the five authors of the book, to do a review for them, approached me. My bargain was; an honest review in exchange for a free copy.
I found the overall premise very intriguing. A picture, which is also the cover page, was shared with the authors and each was expected to start with their version of the story keep the picture as the pivotal point.
Usually when authors collaborate the book turns out to be an anthology but what makes ‘Through the Mist’ interestingly unique is that each author will share their unfinished draft with other authors in a sequential manner and after all the authors have written on every story then only it will be considered complete. So that means each author will contribute to every story.
It is like a relay race of writers. You don’t know how the next is going to imagine and write or how good the outcome would be; all you could manage is your own leg.

The Motivation

The team:
Jithin, who provided the inspiration for the book. He blogs at
Abirami, the teenager who’s obsessed with writing and blogs at
Adhithya, the youngest teenager of the team who blogs at
Nimitha, the writer who finds time to write between her busy work schedule. She blogs at 
Rupali, the teenager studying maths and writing poems at
Sona, an avid reader and the resource person to lend any help. She blogs at
Aadhira, the in-house editor who pushed everyone to write this book, blogs at
The five stories are:
‘A Middle Class‘ story brings us Pari, the independent, headstrong girl whose parents want her to marry and settle down. Love has other views and comes unexpectedly through Rehan. In this comedy of errors, blunders pile on and the protagonists head a laugh riot.
In ‘A strange Life‘, Aarya, bored with her profession and disappointed with her personal life, finds an unexpected adventure that is a little too much for her to comprehend. Can she manifest the life she has wanted to have, by reclaiming her power?
Aakash cannot forget Anavya, the love of his life. His longing turns him into a poet and he hopes and waits for her, years later. ‘Languish in Love‘ is a delicate story that explores love, longing, pain.
‘The Lone Man‘ is hard-hitting. All John wants is to forget his wife Sarah’s death and get on with his life. But his nightmares and visions would not let go of him.
‘Turn of the Tides‘ is set at sea and the men who have lived with the sea and loved her are the ones who fear her now. Can they conquer their dread and have the sea lose her power over them?
What surely works for the book is the diversity that each of writer brings to the table. With their experiences and thought processes that vary from a teenager to a mom, it definitely adds on to the flavor. The love of writing is what makes this a ‘team’ irrespective of the difference in their culture, language, preferences, age groups and perspectives.
The standout thing in the book is that each story is completely different from each other and do not belong to a single genre. That is very refreshing, as it doesn’t overdo a single theme or genre.
One thing which I would like to highlight since each story exchanged hands five times that there was consistency in the storyline and the theme in all five stories. It is a swift read with only 92 pages.
The role of an editor in such a collaborative effort becomes crucial and critical. I felt that the authors were let down by average editing, judging by how the stories were stitched.
The other thing, which I believe, could have been a bit better is the vocabulary. There are far too many grammatical errors. So the onus lies with each author as well as the editor. I can understand the flow of the stories not being smooth because of the format but still, that’s no excuse for the grammatical errors.
How it came about:

My favorite story:
The last story how it personifies the sea. I like it for its poetic and metrical tone and how expressively it gives ‘Sea’ a voice.
The pros definitely outweigh the cons in ‘Through the mist’. It’s definitely worth a read once. I give two and half stars for the stories and another half a star for the concept. It’s 3 out of 5 for the unique collaboration i.e. ‘Through the Mist’.
Manas ‘Sameer’ Mukul
Grab a copy here: Amazon

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12 Responses

  1. writenlive says:

    Thank you very much Manas, for this wonderful review of my collaborative book.
    All of the authors in the team have been so engrossed in the stories during the writing process. We lived and breathed these stories. Having someone else read the stories and giving his candid opinion about what works and what does not is very helpful. Your views and opinions are most appreciated.
    Thanks for reading the book 😊

  2. Ritu Kalra says:

    The concept of collaborative writing is get to read different styles and different though processes all together in one book ..shall check this book out

  3. Manas first things first I really loved how objectively you have reviewed the book and maintained your earnestly.

  4. MeenalSonal says:

    Anthology is always an interesting read and here 5 authors contributing bit by bit will be good to read. I liked the way you have listed all the pointers so honestly.
    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts

  5. alpanadeo says:

    Really liked the concept collabrating writing. Ot will definitely be an awesome read when reader get to experience style of writing. Treat for our brain cells.

  6. This book is surely an interesting read, love the concept of collaborative writings indeed it is a treat for readers. to get 5 in 1

  7. richamina says:

    This sounds very intriguing book i love the plot. I’m going to read it for sure. Getting 5 books when you’re paying for 1 is a great treat

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