THEKE pe THOKA…..Love, Blood and Desire….

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Theke pe Thoka…..Love, blood and desire…
Tip …tip…tip….one by one the tears started rolling down her cheeks…. I rolled across the bed to her…..held her in my arms….brought her real close to me….and slowly …..and slowly…licked her tears. She snuggled right into my chest….like a small kid….and started punching me with her soft hands……’you can’t go ….Jaan…you can’t go’. (I got posted to the dangerous valleys of Drass as emergency was declared in the region following tension with the neighboring country).
‘Pehla nasha pehla khumaar’ was on the radio…..I caressed her hairs….she brought her face close to mine….looking straight into my eyes….and said,” Nonu!! You can’t leave me like this….i become very alone when you are gone….i feel very lonely when you are not around……before I could respond….she planted a full-on kiss on my lips. I checked the clock from the corner of my eye….it was 3:00 am…I still had three hours before I leave. We separated….i saw the naughtiness in her eyes….hence I checked one more thing….and realized, I was worked up for another round of wild, passionate and steamy carnal love or in easier terminology….sex. The wave of emotions never made me realize when the tiny pieces of clothing that were left on us…..came off…..and we melted into each other.
I tied the shoe laces and it was time to take leave. She was still fast asleep. She was glowing with the golden morning sunrays that were falling on her beautiful face. The streaks of hair that were on her forehead made her look like a goddess. Ohhh!!! I was in love…..waise after two rounds of practical of the biology lessons taught in school….everyone feels that he is in LOVE….. :-D. I bent forward….removed the hairs from her forehead….and gently kissed her without breaking her sleep. Bye Mithu…I whispered and left.
Time passed.
She was beginning to feel that the loneliness was eating her up after he was gone. It was about a month ago that they made love on that night…..she remembered finishing her coffee. She was never sure….. Was this love or was this just her physical desires that made her fell for him? She decided its best to concentrate on work till he returns. She was an Airhostess in a leading airline….so most of her time was occupied by traveling to places.
She was traveling to Bangalore and carrying out her usual duties. The light flashed….it was a call from an elderly lady seated on seat 29F. She took a glass of water with her in case the lady needed. On her way she entangled herself in her high heels …… misbalanced….she fell in his (Mr. B) lap with the glass of water. There was a complete silence……” Does this airline serve ANGELS as well??? You should be a terrorist… can kill people with your looks ma’am” he said wryly. He was in total awe of her smoking hot beauty….she was 5’10”….with an asset value of Pamela Anderson on the top and her bottom could have given J’Lo a run for her money. The white shirt which hugged her to millimeters of her perfection and the short skirt…..which everyone wanted to be more short….added more value to her luscious seductiveness.
Gaining composure …she rubbed against the musk of his cologne. She was captivated by the raw masculinity he had on offer…..chisel jaw line….stubble…..ray ban…..bulging biceps….He looked as if he was the Prince of Persia. For the rest of the trip she couldn’t resist the temptation of looking at him again n again….every time she found a chance she intentionally brushed against him….she tried to gain control over her but to no success. The flight captain announced their arrival to Bangalore….as he passed her on the exit…”thank you sir …have a happy stay” she said with lust overflowing her eyes. He winked and abruptly blurted ….. ‘Your place or mine’.
The door unlocked…..they entered….without uttering anything they started ripping off….with lips locked….she realized how correct she was on the flight about him….his huge……arms..(khali gandi baat hi socho tum log…). She found it stupid to let go the craving on offer and let herself enjoy and flow in the wave of passion. They did the foreplay….post play….and every kind of play that they could have tried. Both exhausted and spent….she lay on his 44” chest….realizing what she was missing for these days……blushed on the thought that she was yet to ask his NAME.
Knock knock….knock knock…..she wrapped herself in the blanket and opened the door. She felt as if the roof has fallen on her head….each and every single drop of lust vanished….it was Mr. A on the door and Ms X who just had sex….was left stumped. “WOW….what a surprise…” he exclaimed…as she was wearing just a Blanket….noticing a striking resemblance in the atmosphere and in her as well…he entered… now she was trembling with the fear that the only piece of clothing they had was that blanket and Mr. B was sleeping without any covering.
Mr. A entered the bedroom to find a nude sleeping beauty…the only problem was that it was a male which didn’t go according to his likings. His eyes turned red with rage….she tried to explain but to no avail. By this time the sleeping beauty was also awake trying to cover him up with whatever possible he can. Mr. A slapped her hard….she fell on the floor….Mr. B ran for her. Mr. A’s anger reached its boiling point….he picked up a vase…and in the fits of fury he hit the back of Mr. B’s head. Blood spurted….and he fell on the bed. The raw masculinity had now turned into a raw DEAD BODY. She screamed….and fainted.
Coming back to senses….she sat holding Mr. A’s hand. She goofed up stories and made him believe that it was all Mr. B’s fault…and she knew how easy it is to make a fool out of someone who is madly in love with you. But it was not that easy….she resorted to her old evil tricks…as she knew that men are weak between their legs. Devilish looks….killer body….a Deadly combination….and it was time for this terrorist to drop another of her bombs. She dropped the blanket….took him to the bed….their ANIMAL INSTICTS took over them…..they made love in that pool of blood….beside his dead body.
This is my first short story…..i hope u all like it…;-)
For all those who are loyal to their partners,
For all those who cheat their partners,
For all those who opt for infidelity,
For all those who love sex,
For all those who have killed people,
For all those who are yet to get that awaited oppurtunity….
Its not a GoodBye…
but its a GOOD BYE…Aur han this is a true story…
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18 Responses

  1. deepika says:

    dont know what to say … but the plot was good ..

  2. shwetika says:

    kya story h..i liked it..dis tym i truly enjoyd d post..plz continue writing such posts..

  3. Dushyant says:

    bhai what a writting …
    bandi mast hai yaar….
    and the way u narrate its awesome

  4. Rahul says:

    Manas, its less of a story & more of 3 rounds of untiring sex..

  5. Manish says:

    awesome man, narrated well… it may be true but not yours i know…. 🙂
    and one thing for sure ….
    you narrate well.

  6. nice plot .

  7. ADITYA SONI says:

    Hi Manas
    See I took out time from my studies to read this story of yours…. Good attempt buddy. But I could not understand what prompted you to write this one ??? Kiske saath hua hai aisa ??? 🙂

  8. nishant says:

    manas nice story..but i think inspired from one of the real life as the naval was in news sometime any case nice story….

  9. Ankur Srivastava says:

    Manas nice but. To be very factual lagta hai your inspiration to write could be more of definite sorts, write something that no body wants to read

  10. navneet narula says:

    lagta tune ye story likhne se phehle hunamdigest padi thi…. :P:P:P

  11. navneet narula says:


  12. SJ says:

    love u man 🙂 superlyk !!!

  13. Nikhar Gupta says:

    nice one…!!!

  14. Abhishek Gupta says:

    You are the next Chetan of India….
    Good Plot …
    Super Duper Like..:)

  15. Amar Kohli says:

    ye movie ka plot hai…. jo real fact pe bani thi… bas thoda sa lady ka background change kar diya hai… movie mein wo lady mumbai jaati hai actress banne….

  16. good one

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