The State of Happiness

It was an early Sunday morning. Around 5 am he shook me out of my slumber. He signaled me to be extremely cautious and not make any noise. He hated waking up people but on Sundays, he would make an exception. I quietly picked up my cricket bat and bowl and went to the roof. I had to make sure that I don’t wake up my mom else our plan of morning cricket would not be executed. He was waiting there for me.

For fifteen years since my early childhood, my father and I would go and play cricket every Sunday morning. On days when we would be playing on the roof, we had to take care of the plants mom had planted. On those evenings she would find a branch or two cello-taped and we would be banned from playing on the roof. This ban would only last till the next Sunday and my father and I would be back to our mischievous best.

That is my earliest memory with my father. Playing cricket with him was pure bliss. It brought happiness and joy beyond words.

Happiness is like success. It is not a destination but the journey. It can last for a moment, an hour, a day or a lifetime. It depends a lot on internal as well as external factors. It is a state of mind.

Happiness brings a smile but a smile is not necessary for me to be happy. I can be silent…observing a picturesque view…and be completely happy without smiling. And I can be all smiling and laughing out loud without being happy.

Happiness comes from within and depends from person to person. A person can have all the wealth and pleasure of the world and he might still be unhappy while, on the other hand, a person earning just daily wage…sleeping on a footpath be content and happy. People befriend adversity and somehow find happiness in that also.

A monk is happy when he finds peace through meditation while an entertainer finds happiness by witnessing how happy his audience is.

For me;

Happiness was playing cricket with him – when he would be my partner at the other end or I would be facing him.

Happiness was sleeping was on his chest and talking to him for unlimited hours sitting on his shoulders.

Happiness was asking him irrelevant innumerous ‘whys’ and he patiently responding to each and every one of them.

Happiness is finding sleep in mom’s lap and love in her food.

Happiness is teasing your sister and pulling out pranks on her and then spending the rest of the days pleading her not to complain to mom.

Happiness is having a meal together with all the family.

Happiness is the tea, pakode (snacks) and the petrichor of first rain.

Happiness is facing the red cherry opening the batting.

Happiness is bowling leg spin and getting the batsmen bowled behind his legs.

Happiness is holding her hand when you are down and out, knowing that there is someone in the entire world who will never turn her back on you when the entire world will actually face the other way.

Happiness is going for a long bike ride in the mountains.

Happiness is playing with kids and letting them win.

Happiness is taking a long walk in a downpour and getting completely drenched.

Happiness is cracking jokes in a group of friends and being a reason for their smiles.

Happiness is traveling to places, meeting new people, learning about their cultures, eating their food, speaking their language and experiencing their lives.

Happiness is dancing to any tune and making others dance with you too.

Happiness is acting in a theatre play and seeing your parents with tears in the audience.

Happiness is the delight of putting my thoughts into words and seeing it reach to the readers.

I believe these days everybody is so caught up in the paraphernalia surrounding them, that they have actually forgotten how to smile…how to be happy. We are just living a dead life. It is like pressing the play button at 28 and stopping it at 60 without realizing to live the moments.

I took the part of being the Joker to bring some smiles and happiness to people and their lives whenever and wherever possible. Humor is the medicine which can save lives out of grimmest of situations. I have seen biggest conflicts getting resolved when both the parties broke into laughter at the same time.

Smile often, people…Laugh genuinely…be aware of every moment. Let happiness come to you rather than you pursuing it. And you will surely find your peace.

For all those are in the pursuit of happiness,
For all those who believe in positivity,
For all those love to smile
For all those who are genuinely happy…

It’s not a goodbye…
But it’s a GOOD BYE.

Manas ‘Sameer’ Mukul

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16 Responses

  1. Abhijit Ray says:

    So true, happiness is a state of mind. People can be happy at simple things of life, it does not need a lot of wealth, money and possession.

  2. Madhu Kaushal says:

    Loved reading it Manas. Loved one u’ve put it into words that we all feel but fail to execute.
    Happiness is indeed a state of mind…. N loved ur expression that let it come to us rather we pursuing it.
    Keep writing coz we love reading ur blogs!!
    Flourish Ñ stay blessed!!

    • Manas Mukul says:

      Thank you so much Madhu. I know you are a loyal reader and each and every feedback you give is highly appreciated. Keep reading and encouraging as always. Thanks again for your kind words.

  3. alpanadeo says:

    Beautifully written. Happiness is not a destination, its a journey. Each person defines happiness differently but the common factor which remains the same in all the definitions is the satisfaction and inner peace the person gets experiencing that moment of happiness.

  4. poseinstyle says:

    Yes i agree… Happiness comes from within. One should do what gives you happiness. Quality time is important

  5. shravmusings says:

    Loved reading it and the way you have captured all the small small joys reinforces the fact that happiness is indeed the state of mind

  6. Enjoyed reading the happiness and really motivating. Esp the last line
    It’s not a goodbye…
    But it’s a GOOD BYE.
    This was smart.

  7. Love your post. My happiness is reading your blog. Being a joker and spreading smile is one of the biggest and difficult task.

  8. richamina says:

    I love the way u’ve described happiness in every aspect of life. Happiness in indeed all the above things coz it’s different for everyone in its own unique way.

  9. Shivangi says:

    Again a great piece of words. Happiness is in people’s mind which we forget in today’s competitive world
    Thanks for reminding 😊👍

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