I offered her water because to my surprise it was more than 6 hours that she last had it. We (Paplu, She and me) were traveling from Ghaziabad to Lucknow in Gomti Express. Kanpur arrived… Paplu left …aur meri Fattee. I was left high and dry with the daunting task of taking her to my place and from there helping her to reach Varanasi (her home). I was beginning to feel numb and was getting deprived of any new thoughts. So I again offered her water…which saw the same fate as my last attempt. I couldn’t resist the temptation…and asked her… why was she avoiding any fluids and that too for so long? Initially she avoided by looking outside the window of the coach but I persisted. She finally replied, “Haven’t you seen ads on TV?” I know you didn’t get this one…actually I; on the first place was left clueless, what was she talking about?
She sensed it… and decrypted it by saying,” Haven’t you seen ads on TV related ‘only’ to girls?” Now here was my clue… and this time it didn’t take me so much time to understand that this was ‘that time of the month’ for her. “I am without any protection”, she exclaimed. I was left dumbstruck… since we were just acquaintances from college…not even friends… and for the first time in my life…a girl was conversing with me on such an intimate subject. I did not utter a single word till we reached Lucknow. She requested,” we will get down once everyone in the coach has left. I tried to guess her mental state and hence complied with what she said. She took the big bag by herself and asked me to walk just behind her and……not to look ‘there’.
We reached home around 1 30 am and to my surprise…my father and sister were still awake. I signaled 😉 to my sister to behave as if it was my custom to bring girls to my place at this time of the night. I could sense my father’s emotions and sentiments…but really appreciate the way they welcomed her. After dinner everyone went off to sleep… at least everyone pretended to.
The next morning my father left early for office, she was still fast asleep. At 11:00 am my sister’s friend came over…by this time Ma’am was awake and had had her breakfast. I was sitting in the TV room…fiddling with the remote…preoccupied with thoughts of yesterday’s events…what would be going through my father’s mind…what my sister would be thinking of me n all. Right then…Ms ‘unprotected’ came to the room and sat on the other side of the bed. Because of what happened a day ago…I could say that we were now friends. Suddenly, she crawls across the bed…sits right next…close to me… too close for comfort. Out of the blue she questioned,” Manas!! What is the difference between a Kiss and a Smooch?” (You should have seen my expression 😀 :D)
A guy with no prior experience of ‘any’ kind with a girl was asked such a question. Expressionless…I stammered, “Have you seen the movie Black? What Amitabh does to Rani was a smooch and the rests are classified as kisses.” Ma’am was far from satisfied. She leant forward…kept her head on the pillow in my lap…facing me…whispered, “Karke batao”. I simply FROZZZZZZE. Failing to come up with the next move, I got up and left the room…and the house.
I returned in an hour or so and straightway went to the computer room on the first floor. Ma’am came to the room, accompanied by my sister. As soon as I saw her, I said, “The bus to Varanasi leaves in 2 hours…please be ready”. My sister left and went to the kitchen. ‘The Ghost of kissing’ came back to life once again. More desperate this time, she kept on insisting…I lost my temper…slapped her right across her face (not joking). She started weeping uncontrollably. I was in a muddled situation…with my sister downstairs…a girl weeping in my room…what will my sister make of this scene…I was beginning to fear the worse…and that is when I decided to give in.
I was getting ready for my ‘SEMI CONSENSUAL RAPE’ (I coined this term especially for this) … moving backwards…finding no more space to go…stood upright against the wall…closed my eyes…tight…and muttered, “Ek karlo…Jaldi se”. She came within an inch of me…so close that I was able to feel her breathe…my eyes still closed…she took my face in her hands…and slowly planted a kiss on my lips…before sliding her tongue. I instantly came back to my senses…eyes wide open…pushed her back. There was no stopping her…Ms ‘Puchhi’ was far from over; she pushed me to the bed…pounced on me…tasting and salivating…my lips…tongue…ears…and face…as if I was a piece of ‘Black Forest’. I was beginning to realize that it actually was not bad…a sexy, sultry gal was busy licking me (my face 😉 ) and I was feeling guilty … feeling sorry for no reason.
The time was right for her to put the final nail in the coffin. For a brief…we parted…she didn’t take a second and dropped the hydrogen bomb… I love… … Mr. A. I, on the other hand who was still gasping for breathe, being so naïve in those days, couldn’t understand what all was happening. The covetousness in her was yet not satisfied and before I could have got hold of the situation…she resumed to her wild and passionate ways. Realizing that we won’t be able to be like this in college, she said, “Let me make it up for you for the coming four years…we will complete a century”. Returning back to the business…she started kissing…and I was counting 😉 and we kissed A HUNDRED TIMES.

We boarded the bus from Lucknow bus station to Varanasi. In a way it became my obligation to drop her safely to her home…the one who gave me my FIRST KISS. She even went on to saying that, “Mere Solah Somwar ke vrat Tumhare nam”…and being the chu*** that I was…I actually believed her. Once the college re-opened she simply ignored me….never ever spoke to me…except for the time when she came to tell me that we don’t have a future. Within three days…I went from being accepted…to being loved and kissed by someone…just to be left SHATTERED.
For all those who have been kissed,
For all those who have kissed,
For all those who were betrayed,
For all those who were left shattered
For all those who were kissed a hundred times…
It’s not a GOODBYE…
But it’s a GOOD BYE…aur han a few years later she did apologize to me for my semi consensual rape.

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  1. Paras says:

    good work bro!!
    the ending comes as a shock as always…. 😛

  2. Gunjan Srivastava says:

    I still remember that moment when u brought her in front of my house….i simply cant believe that it was her with u…. Still remember this story….
    n believe me guys n girls it really happened……

  3. tapan yadav says:

    You should have name her at that time only when she was getting despo and LICKING your whatever…………………………….

  4. lol…mast h…
    tharki ladki…

  5. Nicely writteen ……………seems she taught you a lot in those 100 kisses 😀 Nice visualisation effects!

  6. KML says:

    amritesh type ka erotica ho gya yeh toh 😀

  7. saurabh shukla says:

    as usual nicely written n i like the end lines.

  8. ha…ha….ha this story is old …….any way at that time it was not that descriptive…. good job….on kisses ;p

  9. Anil Kara says:

    Awesum startup with surprising scene, I thought that girl really likes you.

  10. Mahima says:

    Really nice. Good blog. Keep up the good work. Appreciated 🙂

  11. Rohan Verma says:

    Kya Bolu Janaab…:) 🙂

  12. Pratty says:

    heartbreaking twist 🙂

  13. manisha says:

    abhi bhi sambhal jao ladkiya aisi hi hoti hai

  14. Ranjit says:

    Good work bro….keep it up !

  15. sagarika singh says:

    nice one bhaiya….i was so engrossed reading it…loved it!!!

  16. Shraddha says:

    hahahahahha a real amazing incident… and also a answer that love and lust are two things not related at all… d gal taught u a good lesson … hehe

  17. herry says:

    I guess we all go through similar phase atleast once in our lifetime… As Guetta said “All the crazy shit I did that night… Those would be the best memories”…

  18. nehashish says:

    nice 1

  19. suresh says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm sooooooo

  20. Shalzzz says:

    What!!!!!!1 Are you serious!!!! You have an exciting life, Mr. Manas! 😛

  21. who was she ?? i am still guessing

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