The 'CURLS' Next Door…

The ‘Curls’ Next Door…
“Mom…Mom…Mom…please listen to me…I have told you so many times that I am over it and I am not looking forward to marrying anyone. I beg of you not to talk on this topic every day. I am fed up of it. I have decided for sure…that I won’t get married all my life” were my last sentences before disconnecting the call. I was still standing on the balcony of my newly rented apartment in Chandigarh when it started raining. I quickly put the mobile in my pocket and stuck out one hand…to feel the raindrops. The weather suddenly went from dull, humid and sticky to awesome. That fresh smell of the soil…the first rain of the season…was more than enough to get the mood going for the rest of the night.
My flatmate shouted from inside, “Oye!!! Pakode and Chai ho jaye”. I was not able to see him so I shouted back, “Bilkul”. Just as I was about to go inside…God had another plans. I saw a figure emerging on the balcony of the adjacent flat. Although the light was very dim but it was sufficient enough for me to carve out her figure in the darkness. Her face was not visible…she was wiping off the rainwater from her face…her hair with the help of a towel. It seemed as if she had just arrived from work. She was in formal attire. The more I gazed in the darkness towards her balcony…the more I was able to figure her ‘figure’ out. 😉 . I won’t exaggerate anything but I had a good side-on view…remember she was wet.
She was averagely built…I mean…it was not as if she had ‘huge’ asset value but was not bad either. You know that perfect kind of body 😉 . After scrutinizing her from top till wherever I could possibly see (because of the balcony wall) my gaze was somehow stuck at one point (wipe off that dirty smile of your face…). I was not able to take my eyes off her hair. The sight of her amazing hair was like…aaaahhhhhhhhh…soothing and not horny. They were curly and at the same time free flowing…less like kangana ranaut’s and more like urmila matondkar’s. That monsoon rain…that petrichor smell of the soil…those ‘Curly’ hair…for a moment made me regret what I just said to mom about not marrying anyone.

For the next few days…I don’t know how and when it became a task from a general curiosity to just get a glimpse of her…and her curls. I finally got a GOOD view of her. She was in the same organization for which I worked. She was standing, with her bunch of friends, outside the food court…enjoying a cornetto. I was hungry and in hurry but my sad and lonely ‘Heart’ got the better of my ‘stomach’…it wanted to amuse itself. I bought an orange bar for myself and started sauntering near that ‘bunch’. Unlike the other girls…for whom it took a herculean effort to even giggle…she had a terrific smile…infact laugh. It was as if she never held back once she started laughing. Her curls…her not-so-perfect round face…her never-ending smile…made her face glow as if it emitted light.
Her positive attitude…her energizing smile …her ‘bubbliness’…the great aura around her made all the negativity…of anyone…disappear. Wherever she went…wherever she stood…to whomsoever she spoke…she charged them with her electrifying attitude, to an extent that I never saw anyone dull near her.
I was beginning to spend more time on the balcony than the entire time I spent in the apartment. In the mornings…I found her coming to the balcony only to hang her towel and tiny unmentionable pieces of clothing to dry. There were occasions when I wondered as if they (4 neighbours including her) only washed these clothes…and purposely hung them on this balcony just to seduce us (me and my flatmate). In the evenings…she used the balcony to avoid her flatmates when she was conversing with her boyfriend on phone. Yeaaahhhh I knew she had a BF but it was not good enough to discourage me.
I began making special efforts to get her to talk to me…to somehow become friends with her if not anything else 😉 . Every time I heard them/her lock her door from outside…I was ready with a mop to clean my bike. If she made an eye contact…I found myself unnecessarily smiling at her and if she was close enough then saying a ‘HI’ knowing that I would hardly get any response. Some efforts went in vain…some paid a little off. From a complete ‘no-no’…I started getting a smile a week or an undirected Hi here n there. I knew that it was high time and decided to make a move.
The same monsoon weather but no rain…the same huskiness to the soil…my flatmate and I were enjoying a chilled and freshly opened pet pack of coke. My flatmate saw it in my eyes that I was upto something. I emptied my glass of coke as if it was a peg of Vodka…hoping that it would intoxicate me…hahaha. I stood up and went to her door. My flatmate got anxious and started peeping from the window. I knocked at her door…and prayed to God (that she and only she opens the door).
God again had a plan this time. To my surprise and happiness… she was the one who opened the door. It was about 10 30 pm and it looked as if she was cooking. In one hand she had a piece of ginger while two green chillies in the other one. She inquiringly looked at me. I, with my hunky looks and a Brad Pitt jaw line…naaaaahhhhh…let me write it again. I, with my boiled egg looks (that’s better) moved a little closer…looked straight into her eyes…and asked, “Will you please accompany me to a disc”?
Her face had a mixed expression…shocked…with that effervescent smile of hers. She replied, “Are you serious”?
Yes…is all what I can mutter.
“I don’t even know your name”, she laughed. “I don’t go to disc with strangers…Ass***e” (she might have thought 😀 ) but she refrained from such profanity and handled it quite well by saying, “May be some other time…I hardly know you” (All this while she had that constant sparkling smile on her face). She went inside…I stood there for a while…thinking about those curls n smile…and then went back to my flat…took another glass of coke…went to the balcony…and it started raining again.
For all those who have such neighbours,
For all those who have a crush on them,
For all those who love ‘curly’ hair,
For all those who want to grab their attention,
For all those who love such bubbliness,
For all those who still want to go to disc with them…
It’s not a GoodBye…
But It’s a GOOD BYE…aur han I am still waiting for her to accompany me to a disc… 😉

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24 Responses

  1. manish646 says:

    BHai likha to esa hai ki kya kahunu , bahut ache se ek ek line likhi hai soch soch ke bahut badhiya
    Mein manish sharma ; manas ka purana roomate

  2. Anil says:

    Hhahhaha…nic one…same with me in the bangalore flat when i used to stare all night and wait for her to come @ 3 a.m.

  3. sreshti bagati says:

    Reading this all the gals will go and get their hairs “CURLED” thinking one or the other day sumone will cum n knock their door n ask dem, will u accompany me to the disc???

  4. I eagerly wait for you blogs….good way of holding your audience Cheers!!!

  5. Nishant says:


  6. Anurag Rana says:

    Biiiig Improvement ….nyce going bro

  7. Psyche Sid says:

    Nice…everyone has that special balcony to stare at, dont we? 🙂
    Well expressed!

  8. Kajal. says:

    nice and u inspired me to go to the
    parlor …;)

  9. Neha says:

    Very well written!
    Cheers to the “neighbours”,the “onlookers”,the”balconies” and ofcourse the “curls”! 😉

  10. Abhijeet singh says:

    Great yaar….super..but i hv one doubt.why u directly asked fr should ask fr lunch or dinner or coffee first …

  11. Privendra Singh "PINKUL" says:

    very good!!! although i also like this type girls!!! but the whole story was very-very pretty… you please keep writing, from which we can enjoy little interesting moment not in real but in dream!!!!!
    “”koi aaya aur mujhe kuch accha dikha k chala gaya””

  12. bahut sahi….launde…….dil khush kar diya……soch raha tha kuch to kami dhoondun per saaali mili hi nahi……its just ….refreshing!

  13. SinghPankaj says:

    Good one Sir!! when r u asking her next 😉 ??

  14. mithil293 says:

    good. hardly one gets such beautifully and curlly balconies

  15. Vanya says:

    ha ha.. urges me to write.. “MEN WILL BE MEN” 😀 😀

  16. Sonam says:

    Perfect articulation of thoughts!!!!!!!!
    U no i read this one unstoppingly.

  17. bro enjoyed a lot…keep writing such alderaine pumping stuff

  18. Hims "Ranjhana" says:

    Can i comment?

  19. BabarMir says:

    Relatable! I really liked how you were honest about your thoughts when you saw her. Hope you get to visit the disc with her soon. Keep writing 🙂

  20. BabarMir says:


Love your feedback!