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Vipassana – A Meditative Transformation 5

Vipassana – A Meditative Transformation

Vipassana – A Meditative transformation Read the previous part Vipassana – The Sensations here Day 6: On sixth day the mind traversal was supposed to be done from tip of the head to the...

Vipassana – The Sensations 4

Vipassana – The Sensations

Vipassana – The SensationsRead the previous part – Vipassana – My Experience here Mind is the most mischievous of them all. When one is trying to concentrate on a particular thing, it will get...

Under a TREE 11

Under a TREE

  Some 25oo years ago… It was a dark and treacherous night. The prince was feeling restless. Few hours had passed since he went to bed but sleep eluded him. He looked around and...