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काश मैं वो बारिश की बूँद होता

काश मैं वो बारिश की बूँद होता, काश मैं वो बारिश की बूँद होता, तो आपके कन्धों पर बैठ के एक और बार दुनिया देख पाता, आपकी साइकिल पर बैठ सैर कर पाता…   काश...


Happy Birthday Papa

Happy Birthday Papa The year was 1991. I was about 5 years old then. Papa always motivated us to be courageous, brave and work on our fitness and had this habit of saying that...


The UGLY Teddy

Once upon a time in a far-off place, beyond the snow clad mountains, within a mesmerizing landscape, where nature was in its purest form, where the freezing streams originated there was a picturesque land...