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Irrationally Passionate – Book Review

Irrationally Passionate – Book Review Book: Irrationally Passionate Author: Jason Kothari Reviewed By: Manas Mukul Publisher: HarperBusiness (11 March 2020) Pages: 268 (Hardcover) Price: 599 INR ISBN-10: 9353572657 ISBN-13: 978- 9353572655 Language: English Genre:...

The Cricket Bat 12

The Cricket Bat

  The Cricket Bat The continuous ringing of doorbell was a unique trait of Papa’s arrival. Every time that happened I almost instinctively knew who would be on the other side of the door....

The Shadow 11

The Shadow

  Each and every creature…each and every thing on this planet has one common thing. It is attached to every being but we consider it so insignificant that we hardly pay any heed to...