“You know tomorrow is my first presentation ever”, she said nervously to me. Her voice was shaking and none of her friends were able to infuse enough confidence in her to make the presentation work. She rehearsed…rehearsed…and rehearsed…to the point that she began to forget everything… at least she felt so. It was left upon me to get that confidence back going for her. I reminded her, “Believe in yourself and think of how good you are and what an awesome presentation you are going to deliver tomorrow”. I knew that my words have a calming effect on her, but this time it was not going to last.
I decided it was time for me to make her feel that I am always there for her and I just don’t simply say that ‘I will be there for the smallest of things’. I immediately called her back and broke her heart (for that moment) that I have a company visiting my campus tomorrow and I will have to switch off my phone through the entire duration of the seminar and there might be a possibility where I would not be able to give her a call before the presentation. I checked the tickets and asked my ever so sweet sister to get the tickets done for me (don’t forget me being a student these days was unable to afford the price just a day before 😉 ). She managed to get one booked for me.
The next day I had an early flight to catch and she was still sleeping. So the best I could do was to text her, “All the best for your presentation sone, make me proud, phod phad macha dena, I am going for the seminar muah muah muah forehead”. I landed by 10:30 a.m. and her presentation was supposed to begin by noon. I gave a call to her best friend and told her about my plan to surprise her by visiting her just before the presentation and say, “All the best of Luv ‘n’ Luck to her face”. I knew that girls can’t be trusted when it comes to keeping secrets and her friend proved me right by spurting out every bit of my surprise. The news made her extremely happy as if she won a lottery. It was a complete turnaround…she was brimming with confidence…and in the process completely nailed the presentation and answered each and every question that followed.
She knew which hotel I (we) stayed in every time I visited her city as this would have been my fourth visit in the past four months. As soon as she was done with the presentation she didn’t even wait for the teacher’s response…immediately took an auto and reached the hotel. She enquired at the reception…took the spare keys in an effort to surprise me instead…and came running to my room. She was puzzled not to find me there. She tried my mobile but was switched off. She made a call to the reception but could not get any info on my whereabouts. Her face which was glowing with confidence and courage…now suddenly had an edgy and worried look to it.
There was a knock on the door…she opened…anticipating that it will be me she shouted my name. Less to her surprise and more to her shock it was police at the door. She was beginning to panic. The police informed her that a truck crushed a guy this morning and they recovered a bag from the accident site with a printout of booking of this hotel room with your name on it. She opened the bag only to find out ‘a Barbie’, ‘a box of Soan Papdi’ and ‘an envelope with confirmed booking for two days and two nights for a couple at the Marriot’.
She remembered, how, since her childhood she never craved for anything except for a Barbie, she had had many delicacies but it was the ‘Soan Papdi’ that made her taste buds go crazy and she visited many places around the globe… rested in many resorts but it was the Marriot which was the closest to her heart. It was all a part of the surprise that I had planned for my bestest buddy.

There are days when God gives you signs or omens which tell you what is going to happen and then there are days when even the Gods get confused what the omen says.
The police told, “The Guy was wearing this shirt” and handed it to her. She straight away recognized it to be my shirt as it was the same shirt in which she slept the last time I was there. Tears started rolling down her cheeks. The blood on the shirt made her scream…scream…and scream. There were flashbacks of, how every night before we went to bed, I always called her to say how much I loved…cared for her and will be there with her forever n ever n ever. She reminded herself of her decision to tell me that how much she loved me…and wanted to spend the rest of her life with me. She cried uncontrollably…gasping for breath…her shrieking voice made even the policemen feel her loss…her pain…her regret of not telling me just for once that SHE LOVED ME…
There was another knock at the door…one policeman opened it. To everyone’s disbelief it was me who was at the door. For a moment she thought she was seeing me just because of the sheer love for me. Without even caring for the standing policemen, who were themselves astonished, I started… Bubu…as soon as I landed…my bag was stolen…last night I wasn’t able to charge my phone’s battery…hence it died…but what’s this…why is police here and above all why are you crying guddu????
She stood up…ran towards me…grabbed me by the collar…started slapping me…kissing my face all over…saying I Love You…I Love You…I Love You.

For all those who believe in surprises,
For all those who like surprises,
For all those who like giving surprises,
For all those who like getting surprised,
For all those who will go to any extent to say that ‘All the Best’
It’s not a Goodbye…
But it’s a GOOD BYE…aur han go out there and give surprises…your loved ones actually love it and a HAPPY DIWALI to all of You…enjoyyyyyyyy.
Manas “Sameer” Mukul

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14 Responses

  1. Smiles says:

    Loved this surprise to whomsoever received it….brilliant narration

  2. Shikhar says:

    are sahi……..was a complete balance of humor and surprises…………the backbone of love and care…….was the most touchy part………

  3. shwetika says:

    I would simply say excellent narration,clear writing and I always enjoy ur blogs..I loved this 1..

  4. priyanka garg says:

    Is it a real story….or just a fiction??????????
    If it is just your creation then really awesome….

  5. Krishna Dev says:

    excellent narration…..awesome…..surprising to we all…good ahead…:)

  6. detailig style is superb, it would be best if surprise…surprise has more surprising content…getting improve day by day …keep it up

  7. wow……………………….

  8. pinkul singh says:

    “अदभुत ” मुझे लगा की जिसकी मुझे तलाश थी , वो मेरी आँखों के सामने था , शब्दों के रूप में ! लेकिन … लेकिन मेरी भावनाओ को , मेरी यादों को और मेरे दिल को जिस तरह से आपके इस लेखनी ने पुचकारा है , प्यार से सहारा दिया है – ये कमाल की बात है। सच बताऊँ तो मैंने आपके हर लाइन को खुद से जोड़कर पढ़ा है, और जितनी बार पढ़ा है मेरी उन आँखों में आंसू थे जो बहुत दिनों से रोना भूल गयी थी।
    बस कुछ नहीं कहूँगा सिवाय इसके कि : “कमाल का लिखते ही भैया ”
    even i also must believe in surprise!!!

  9. :) says:

    Nice one Manas, except the last part I guess is picked up from a story doing rounds in Infy emails, in that it was a pair of husband and wife and a stolen wallet. 😉

  10. Mayank Gaur says:

    Very well written Manas. Awesome!!!

  11. Vishal says:

    Nicely written buddy……….

  12. Shalzzz says:

    Brilliant!!! You are too good with portraying emotions. I’m spellbound again. 🙂

  13. Leha says:

    Read quite a few short stories on your blog, liked them all. They are fierce and bold.

    • Manas Mukul says:

      Special brownie points for reading this one. I used to write a lot of fiction. That reminds me after the alexa let me write something fresh. Thanks again for the appreciation. Means a lot. 😊👍🏼

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