Soul Craft Signature Workshop | 24th Jan – 5th Feb

Soul Craft is a venture by Manas Mukul and Namratha Varadharajan to hold space for poetic development. 
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Registrations open for Soul Craft’s Signature workshop!

Team Soul Craft started up in August of 2021 and have hence run multiple poetry workshops successfully. Our participants have created over 300 + poems during the course of the workshops. The team is currently working on bringing out their first poetry anthology exclusive to Soul Craft workshop participants. In December 2021, they conducted a Poetry Festival on the theme of “Poetry Matters” to explore and emphasize the need for poetry. Since the team has received multiple queries for our Signature workshop, we have scheduled the next instance of the workshop in Jan 2022 and opened up the registrations for the same. 

About the Soul Craft Signature Workshop

Over the span of 12 days, we offer you a range of poetic tools to craft your poetic voice. Writing, sharing, reading, and critiquing each other’s work shall be at the crux of the workshop. By the end of the workshop , each participant shall leave with approximately 10 poems, but more importantly many techniques added to their poetic arsenal and a direction for their poetic journey.

Mary Oliver’s words describe our mission for this workshop – “to empower the writer who stands between two marvelous and complex things—an experience (or an idea or a feeling), and the urge to tell about it in the best possible conjunction of words.“

Who is the workshop for? 

This workshop is designed to cater to beginner and intermediate-level poets. Written a few 100 poems? This workshop shall help you to enhance your poetic voice. Never written a poem before? Don’t worry. We believe that this workshop will give you the tools to kickstart your poetic journey.

Dates for Soul Craft Signature Workshop? 

Jan 24, 2022 to Feb 4, 2022

Format of the workshop

Day 1: (timing shall be fixed in the late evening)

Zoom session – an introductory session which shall consist of a meet and greet, and writing exercises

Duration: 2 hours

Day 2-11: A concept a day

For 10 days, we shall be working on various concepts in a private Facebook group in which each participant to expected to understand the concepts, write and post a poem on the concept each day and interact with the work of fellow participants. These activities can be done by the participants asynchronously according to their convenience. 

Day 12: Graduation and Virtual open mic

Concepts explored during the workshop
  • Playing with words
  • Imagery and Metaphorical writing
  • Infusing our work with poetic structures
  • Writing from within and around
  • Writing memorably
  • Write for a cause
  • Technique to overcome writer’s block
  • Basic revision techniques
Look at what the participants of our workshop had to say! 

“It was a well planned and well executed workshop,catering to various levels of expertise.” – Meghana Rajan

“In fact, this workshop surprised me with how much I was able to experiment with my own style. It was an extremely productive fortnight.”Arti Jain

Attending this workshop has been the highlight for me this year. I am admittedly not comfortable writing poetry and thanks to Manas Mukul and Namratha Varadharajan I have gained some confidence and learnt various techniques

It was an amazing workshop by Soul Craft”Deepika Bhatli Sharma

How much does it cost?

Rs 1000/- only.

We will be providing a gpay number and a payment link for your convenience. If you need a PayPal number, email us at

REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT LINK: Please fill the registration form and pay through the link at the end of the form to confirm your participation in this workshop.


PAYMENT DETAILS: If you want to make payment through Gpay you can directly make a payment of Rs. 1000 at – 9780043305 or you can use UPI – mukul.manas@okhdfcbank.

Else you can use this payment link –

If you need a PayPal number, email us at



Soul Craft Signature Workshop Main

The organic process from observing a thing, observing your thoughts, coming up with the words that resonate with your emotions, and then taking those emotions forward in the form of poetry coupled with a range of poetic tools and techniques – That’s our target and that is what we are offering. Like it is said, Why just write poetry when you can write better poetry? 

NOTE: All the work that will be shared throughout the workshop is copyrighted and we would ask you to refrain from copying either the work of hosts or the participants. Respect others. Respect yourself.

If You love poetry, You can read my other poems here.

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