Soul Craft Poetic Forms Workshop

‘Soul Craft’ presents Poetic Forms Workshop

A one-week immersive poetry workshop exploring a range of poetic forms and structures

Facilitated by Manas Mukul and Namratha Varadharajan

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The last couple of months have been surreal. From a casual chat regarding conducting a poetry workshop to conducting not one but two successful ‘two-weeks’ full-fledged workshops, we have come a long way in such a short span of time. In the same period, our amazing participants created more than 250 poetic pieces. To recognise and appreciate the superlative quality of these poems and the superb effort put in by the participants prompted us to bring forth an exclusive Soul Craft Anthology that will feature the poems of the participants from our first two workshops.

We value the feedback that we receive from our participants. Many of the fellow creators were already eager to attend a more focussed workshop around a central theme like poetic forms and structures. Since, Namratha and me like to continuously work and improve our offerings and how we can include more of them for the community, we, now, bring to you a One-Week Workshop focused on experimenting with different Poetic Forms.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is designed for poets who want to work on poetic forms and try their hand at various structures.

Dates for Soul Craft Poetic Forms Workshop

The workshop will begin on Saturday, 23rd Oct 2021 and will be completed in one week by 30th Oct 2021.

What is the structure of the workshop?

23rd Oct: Zoom session 1 (Timing at 6:00 p.m IST tentatively)

24th Oct to Oct 29th: Dive deep into one poetic form each day

30th Oct: Graduation Zoom session (Timing at 6:00 p.m IST tentatively)

How much time do we need to dedicate each day?

1 – 1.5 hours on Saturdays for our meet ups plus time to write a poem each weekday based on a poetic structure. Also, you will need some time each day for interacting with the work of others.

Listen to what the participants of our workshop had to say!

This is the first poetry workshop I attended and I loved the way it was designed and organized. I enjoyed trying new concepts and writing a poem sticking to the given structures. It has been a learning experience throughout.

– Rashi Roy

Enjoyed the enriching experience with Soul Craft poetry workshop. It was a fun experience to learn and create new poems everyday. Thanks Manas & Namratha for such structured workshop, & kudos to your hard work & effort for conducting this. 

– Prachi Gunthey

Very well structured workshop. Namratha and Manas are amazing at their craft and are supportive and encouraging mentors.

– Aarti Punjabi
How much does it cost?

Though we received feedback that we are offering the workshop for much less than its value, we continue to retain it at 500 rupees only for this workshop. We will be providing a payment link and a Gpay number for your convenience. If you need a PayPal number, email us at

Register NOW using the form below! 

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The last day for registrations is 21st Oct.

For any queries, email us at

Soul Craft

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NOTE: All the work that will be shared throughout the workshop is copyrighted and we would ask you to refrain from copying either the work of hosts or the participants. Respect others. Respect yourself.

You can read some of my poetic works here

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  1. Rashi Roy says:

    Wonderful! Wish you both all the best and am sure this workshop will be an enriching one too.

Love your feedback!