Soul Craft Anthology – Aurora Edition

Soul Craft Anthology – Aurora Edition | Poetry Anthology

On 28th October, 2023 the participants, the poets of the first ever Soul Craft Anthology came together to launch the book in a grand fashion where every poet recited one of their poems from the book. 

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Soul Craft Anthology – Aurora Edition

Namratha and I feel immensely blessed that we could be a small reason for some of the participants getting published for the first time. This brings us tremendous joy and an amazing sense of community.

The event was a Facebook Live event which was telecasted over the Soul Craft Poetry Facebook Page.

About Soul Craft

Soul Craft Poetry had its inception in the idea that we wanted to create a space for poetic development while being accessible to all. The ‘we’ here is Manas Mukul and Namratha Varadharajan, two poets who were touched by the same idea at the same time and decided to do something about it. We started Soul Craft Poetry to help people spill their emotions into intentionally crafted words. 

Since its humble beginnings in August of 2021, we have conducted several workshops and our participants have created 600+ poems. Here are some of the workshops we have conducted throughout the year

  1. Soul Craft Signature Workshop : An immersive two-week workshop that explores various facets of poetry and has got encouraging feedback from both beginners as well as seasoned poets. 
  1. Soul Craft Poetic Forms Workshop: A one-week workshop exploring the different poetic forms
  1. Soul Craft Short Poetic Forms Workshop: A workshop focused on creating more impact with fewer words, writing in different short forms with a special focus on Japanese forms 
Soul Craft Anthology Book Cover
Soul Craft Anthology – Aurora Edition Cover Page

About Soul Craft Anthology – Aurora Edition

Throughout this time, our participants have been the backbone of Soul Craft. This book is a showcase of some of the best work from a couple of our Signature Workshops, through which we hope to bring their voices to the rest of the world. It is our way of thanking them for being enthusiastic learners and creating work that ranges from the whimsical to the memorable. The poems explore varied themes from love to nature to death, circling back to yearning and love. 

The book has more than 115 poems from 26 different poets – from showcasing metaphors to dressing them in couplets to mimicking e.e.cummings to swimming in the depths of imagery, these poems together form “a potpourri that hugs”. So, take a cup of tea and sit in your cosiest corner and immerse your senses into this world of poetry.

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