Some might say that it's wrong


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It was the last day before the summer vacations of the kids were about to start. All the ladies in the WhatsApp group – ‘Class of 2003’ were busy gossiping about how they have convinced their husbands to pick up their kids from the school.
Nothing is as refreshing as seeing your father at the end of a long hot summer afternoon at school come to receive you.
They all lined up outside the main gate, waiting for the final bell to go off. Most of them were coming straight from work in their formals while some belonging to the self-employed class had the privilege of being in casuals. But there was one, who was dressed up like a cool dude. He had come on his Royal Enfield Bullet. The aura around him suggested that this guy doesn’t have an iota of a worry. He too was their batchmate but looked way too younger and was in great physical shape. He was so good looking that some of their wives even teased them by mentioning his name at odd hours.
The moment the other men saw, the humming of bees started among them. Each and every one was jealous of him. It was as if the roles had reversed and now they were discussing (read cribbing) more like their wives. The reason being he was still unmarried.

The WOW prompt

Some might say that it’s wrong to remain unmarried but I really envy him for the fact that how can someone have so much freedom and fun. Slowly each of them started pouring their heart out:
You get to sleep on any side of the bed…in fact, the whole damn bed is yours. No fight for the pillow…no tug-of-war for the blanket at night. No changing of diapers at 2 am.
These so-called ‘parents’ and ‘elders’ are never satisfied with whatever you do. They were after my life first to get married. After I got married they were after me for giving them a grandchild. Now once I fulfilled their wish they are chasing me to give the child a sibling.
First, they say you are doing all this for the family but where is the time for the family. From 8 am to 11 pm I am slogging in the office earning for the EMIs that are reducing us bit by bit. If it weren’t for wife’s Facebook posts I would have even missed the growth of my kids.
Some relatives suggested get married to a small town girl; she will be a good housewife. Now she has become a great housewife along with three maids doing the better half of her duties.
He still gets to play cricket on weekends while we spend most of ours in the queues of supermarkets. He is partying on Friday nights while we are busy helping out with home works.
He gets to take out his bike, do solo trips and explore the mountains while we end up spending the holidays just planning where to go. Most of us spend more time doing to and fro outside the movie theatre than actually watching the movie.
In fact, to his credit, he did give a Russian girl a real chance but the family went crazy the moment he brought her home. His life is so perfect as he can choose to go out with different girls on different nights and his eyes became moist (The one who was saying this). Everyone went quiet reflecting on their miserable lives.
The bell rang…kids came out running…each outpacing the other in the desire to hug their father.
The dude overheard everything. He turned towards the men and said; “You know what I miss the most, my bundle of joy running towards me like this as if I mean the world to him.”
For all those who are still unmarried,
For all those who are single,
For all those who are married
For all those who love their kids
It’s not a Goodbye
but it’s a GOOD BYE
Manas ‘Sameer’ Mukul
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18 Responses

  1. Ritu Kalra says:

    This is such a heart touching completely change our world..I can say that coz I too am a mom..that’s their beauty

  2. alpanadeo says:

    Sometimes we misjudge someone state. This is that seems like restriction or barriers to us may be the desire to have feeling for the other person. As they say grass is always green on the other side. But is it really green?

  3. Abhijit Ray says:

    Nice use of the prompt. Yes in every sphere we come across people that exude confidence, that are not bound by rules of society, carefree and bohemian. Yes many girls fall for the happy go lucky daredevil. But then they try to tame the wild beast and make him like rest of us. True a happy go lucky has many benefits that he enjoys. At the same time, did any one asked him if anything he misses? May be we are too enamoured!

  4. Priyal says:

    Only its kid’s power who change our world with their arrival, I am a mom of two kids so I know how it feels to be with them 🙂 my best friends for life they are.
    Once post Manas…keep writing 🙂

  5. jinalgada says:

    Loved reading the story. It’su brought in so much of deep meaning in such simple story

  6. Loved reading the post. But as per my opinion , at the end, a partner and family completes you. Being single can lead to loneliness.

  7. Kids completely change our world.I loved the whole story and how to just expressed urself

  8. mostly we appreciate other life more than ours. but never knows what we are really blessed with

  9. Rashi Roy says:

    That’s a nice take on the prompt. Every phase of life has its own charm. Let’s enjoy them one by one 😀

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