Queue Kyu Queue Kyu…and the theatrics continue
On 8th November 2016 around 8 pm, when most of us were finishing up our work for the day, some of us were on our way to home, some were already in the Tuesday temple queues, some were busy purchasing groceries for home, the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi…more
The Villgro Fellowship
I remember giving a presentation on 11th five-year plan during an academic session as a part of MBA curriculum and I don’t know how but I stumbled upon this pic while searching for an appropriate title slide and used it…more
IPL – Indian Parliamentary League
This year’s IPL is on…and is surely heating up. It is becoming more and more difficult which one to follow and which one to let go – Indian Premier League (Cricket) or Indian PARLIAMENTARY league…more
I was Strolling down the market…suddenly saw her. As soon as she spotted me in the crowd, she shouted out my name. She crossed the road and came to me. She was my friend and like friends do we did share secrets…more
HELL in the Midst of HEAVEN
I was in one of the longest queue, to get my emigration check done at the Dubai airport. The guy standing in front of me was on the same flight i was. He was traveling from Lucknow…more
When GOD went WRONG
To commence with, this composition has no prattle about love( for a change) as my last two pieces of writing were on those lines….. The mere mention of this title to the reader would spring in an obvious thought and that is “Has he lost his sanity…more