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The UGLY Teddy
Once upon a time in a far-off place, beyond the snow clad mountains, within a mesmerizing landscape, where nature was in its purest form, where the freezing streams originated there was a picturesque land known as ‘Teddyland’…more
I wish an Alarm Clock would Ring
Mom was seemingly perturbed by the last call. Her uneasiness was pretty evident and had started sweating profusely. I knew I had to talk to her.
“Mom! What happened? Who was that on the call”, I asked worriedly…more
When I Tell the Truth
I was returning from the temple back to my room. She was walking on the other side of the road with her roommate. Both of them were my classmates too. I closed my eyes, silently prayed to God and hopefully crossed the road…more

Featured post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

Vipassana – The Sensations
Mind is the most mischievous of them all. When one is trying to concentrate on a particular thing, it will get distracted and run away to every nook and corner of the world rather than focusing on the task at hand…more

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Under a TREE
Some 25oo years ago…
It was a dark and treacherous night. The prince was feeling restless. Few hours had passed since he went to bed but sleep eluded him. He looked around and saw his beloved wife and infant son sleeping next to him peacefully…more

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Vipassana – My Experience
I was still lost in my thoughts when a volunteer approached me and informed me to take a bed sheet, pillow and blanket from the shelf and head towards my room. (I was given a room number at the time of registration)…more
Vipassana – My Inhibitions
“What!! One can’t eat anything after lunch till the next morning’s breakfast”, I said shockingly.
“Yes”, my friend replied.
He had recently moved from Pune to Noida and was hosting a dinner for some of us. During the conversation he told me about his recent experience about a place in Pune,..more
She can be Forever…
She can be extremely wild…
She can be utmost patient,
She can be just a moment…
And then She can be forever.

The 28 ‘Something’ Bachelor
Are you 28 years old or above??
Are you single??
Do you get nervous these days before you login into social media with the fear of somebody posting a status or a pic of their engagement…marriage or even the birth of their child??…more

The Curious Case of Tinder Girls
Boy swipes right…Girl swipes right…It’s a MATCH!!!
Tinder boy: hey! H r u
Tinder girl: hiiiieeeee…I am good…u tell
Tinder boy: what are u looking for…here…more

Queue Kyu Queue Kyu…and the theatrics continue…
On 8th November 2016 around 8 pm, when most of us were finishing up our work for the day, some of us were on our way to home, some were already in the Tuesday temple queues, some were busy purchasing groceries for home, the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi…more

HELL in the Midst of HEAVEN
I was in one of the longest queue, to get my emigration check done at the Dubai airport. The guy standing in front of me was on the same flight i was. He was traveling from Lucknow. By the looks of it, one could easily make out that he was a person with limited resources…more