Interview with Manas Mukul
What does joker stand for in this book? Is it your alter ego?
Jostein Gaarder said, “A joker is a little fool who is different from everyone else, he is not a club, a diamond or a spade, he is not an eight or a nine or a king or a jack. He is an outsider”…more
Our lives are sometimes marked by events that literally alter the course of its journey. For some people such moments are blessings like your first job, first love, marriage, birth of your child and many more…more
The Last STEP
Ting tong …. Ting tong….it was the doorbell, my sister who was busy uploading photographs on facebook from her friend’s birthday party last night shouted out ,”mummy, can you check who’s there at the door?”…more
In the summer of 1987, God consecrated me with his best creation. I felt blessed with his Gift. I don’t remember the actual events but I do remember the moment I touched her tender soft hands…I felt alive…more
The Gharhi Incident – Incomplete Friendship Part-2
City Montessori school was a place where you could find , if not all, most of the beautiful gals in Lucknow, One reason why I was always thankful to my parents for sending me to the Temple of Knowledge, for there were numerous Deity’s to whom I wanted to bow down…more
I was born DEAD
Hi everyone….. it’s an article surrounding the events that took place when i came into existence.
I have just completed reading the book – The alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. this book  has two very important points to take home . First that,” whenever you want anything with all your heart then whole of the world conspires to get you that thing.”…more
Incomplete Friendship
This article was written by me when i was in class 11th or 12th … i dont clearly remember…its about the friendships of my school time which has somehow withered away with time…few of them remain my good friends till date…but most of them have lost touch because of the fast paced life…more