Most PRECIOUS GIFT of God to me

In the summer of 1987, God consecrated me with his best creation. I felt blessed with his Gift. I don’t remember the actual events but I do remember the moment I touched her tender soft hands…I felt alive. She was as beautiful as a mermaid; her marble cheeks with a tinge of redness would have made even the mermaids jealous of her. My father was the happiest…he always wanted a girl…yes it’s no mystery now that I am talking about my little sister.

Meri BITTI when she was just 6 months old

Her round face, flat nose, the toothless smile, soft n little hands, tiny feet…made it hard for everyone to resist loving her. I still remember whenever anyone came to pick her up I would not let it happen and start shouting ‘Meri Bitti’ ‘Meri Bitti’. My parents named her ‘SHRADDHA’ and her nickname was ‘Nidhi’ but for some reason it was always ‘Bitti’ for me. I guess it was because papa called her bitiya and this was the best I could pronounce. All these years she just had one name for me…BHAI…from a creaky little googly woogly voice…to a more confident and firm…but it never changed to anything other than BHAI.

For an infant she was very lazy. She was hardly heard crying…one always found her napping. When she started crawling she would somehow make it to ten feet…then doze off for 30 mins…again crawl…again doze off. When papa slept she would come across and bite his right foot thumb…just to let him know that she was there…he would very happily take her to his chest…where she would again doze off.
Years passed…we grew up together…quarrelling over the tiniest of issues…while laughing over the bigger ones. There were days we won’t speak to each other…knowing that we can’t live without talking too. I was always unhappy of the fact that I never went to school on bicycle as it was my responsibility to go ‘to n fro’ with her and she, even to this day, doesn’t know how to ride a bicycle. But, now, when I look back…I think it made our bond even better and stronger.

There is no Diwali…there is no Holi without her…and if she is around, no day is less than a festival. Her heart is as pure as the sacred Ganges, filled with warmth even for her enemies. Over the years…sometimes she showers the blessing of a mother…loves you like a girlfriend…takes care of you like a wife…is always there for me like a true friend…even does the irritating and painful job of reviewing my articles…but nothing can beat the innocence with which she fights with you like a sister…and then start weeping.

Today (18th june 2011) when she is about to embark a new phase in her life…when she is about to befriend a foreign land…when she is about to begin her career…I won’t let my tears become a shackle…I won’t tell her how much I’ll miss her…I won’t let her know what she means to me and my life. I know I am very poor with emotions …in fact ‘hopeless’. Her words still bring me to reality, “Bhai…you have a heart of stone…you don’t shed tears…you heart is even dried of any emotion.” To which I just have one reply…“BITTI….YOU ARE THE MOST PRECIOUS GIFT OF GOD TO ME”.

Dedicate this to you brothers and sisters….if you find it hard like me to express emotions.

For all those who love their siblings,
For all those who have quarrelled with them,
For all those who worry for them,
For all those who are over protective like me,
For all those who care for them,
For all those who are stone hearted like me.
Its not a GOODBYE….
But it’s a GOOD BYE….aur han express your love to them.
Manas “SAMEER” Mukul.

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31 Responses

  1. purva ranjan says:

    super like…

  2. Shikha Uttam says:


  3. shwetika says:

    m abt 2 cry…missin her a lot…

  4. Ravish says:

    to be honest,this one was the best of all ur blogs

  5. Naman says:

    LOveee it !!

  6. Sahil says:

    Dis is better than the collage….(A B’DAY GIFT IN ADVANCE)

  7. Neha Uttam says:

    gud one…like it

  8. i guess i have feelings!!!!!

  9. sreshti says:

    nice one!!!!….she is blessed to have a bro lik u !!!

  10. dushyant kumar says:

    emotions are not always to be expressed bcoz your emotions might make the other person weak….
    your words can touch the stone within any1…
    awesome bhaiya…

  11. Shraddha Mukul says:

    No comments…. jus thankful to GOD for bringing you before me in this world… coz if it i were to come in this world without you I wouldnt have survived….
    n ya… I miss u too Bhai

  12. What a heart touching and beautiful post!!!! 🙂 loved it!

  13. Abhilasha Srivastava says:

    I just loved the write up.. Very nicely done.. 🙂

  14. ultemate no one can forget what a relation of brother and sister

  15. upasana says:

    Right now i have tears in my eyes…….
    cant comment on this……….simply beautiful……..!!!

  16. pallavi says:

    kya kahu……loved each n every line of ur article……the best of all ur blogs……

  17. Shashank says:

    Right from the heart I must say… !!..loved it

  18. ANK says:

    Beautiful! Reminds me of “me and my bhai.” My Bhai is an introvert Army Officer and speaks very less. I’ll ask him to read your blog. Thank you for bringing this out.

  19. very nice , manas !

  20. balvinder kaur says:

    i am very proud that you are my son.

  21. khushi says:

    awwwwww……. Tooooooooo sweeeet , really very touching lines,

  22. Amar Kohli says:

    really touched after reading this…

  23. charu24 says:

    love it BHAI……

  24. Jayati says:

    awesome write-up

  25. pinkul singh (Privendra) says:

    koi jawab nahi bhai!!!!!!!! ekdam unique…
    outstanding.. really bitti dee is very lucky!!!!!!!!

  26. Shalzzz says:

    That’s a sweet one! I miss my sister now! 🙁 Continue writing…more frequently! Would really love to read more!

  27. Shivangi says:

    Great piece of work Manas. An younger sister description can’t be better. Lover her nickname bitti

  28. Happy birthday Bitti. Beautiful and heartfelt post Manas.

  29. I actually know the other side of this story. Being the smallest of two sisters and a brother, I would do the things your sister used to do with you, with my sisters. The problem in my family though is that we all are ‘hopeless’ when it comes to emotions.

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