he found peace and solaceA KISS that never happened
“Will you be my Dance Partner for Life?” was all I could muster. She cautiously mentioned, “I need some time to think as I am not sure what exactly I am looking for”. 
Some days back while I was in Dubai…more
It was the start of summer of 1997, and I had successfully completed sixth standard and got myself admitted in seventh. Usually the session began from April and all the new admission happened by then…more
A Tale of Malabari Chicken Curry and Two Tomatoes
‘Bhaiya it’s my birthday!!! Please make that special Malabari Chicken Curry for me na…Please’. My cousin was after my life. Ok…ok…don’t do this Emotional Attyachar…I’ll prepare it…but I am only doing this because it is your birthday…more
Made For Each Other
The screeching ringtone of my Nokia 3310 rattled me off my sleep…I disconnected and went back to sleep. The phone rang again… this time I made an effort to check who it was. With one eye closed and with the other one half opened…more
“You know tomorrow is my first presentation ever”, she said nervously to me. Her voice was shaking and none of her friends were able to infuse enough confidence in her to make the presentation work. She rehearsed…rehearsed…and rehearsed…more
wo pata hai bahut hi bahut hi khubsurat hai…
kash koi meri ankhon se puche 
wo kitna maasum hai…wo kitna sacha hai…kitna seedha hai…
kash koi mere dil se puche…more
Kaash main wo baarish ki Boond hota
Kaash main wo baarish ki Boond hota,
To aap tak aake…apke sath chal pata,
Chahe ap kisi ke bhi sath hote…hamesha apka sath nibha pata…more
Somebody That I used to know
Everything was perfect…I was there with her…on a weekend…on the Sunday morning. I took her out to a movie…which I promised her that I’ll watch only with her. We had a great lunch at our favourite ‘Sukh Sagar’ in Bangalore…more
With Love, from Russia
This story takes place in August 2012…
It was a usual hot and humid august day…but for some reason was one of the most important days of my life…frankly speaking, would turn out to be THE most important of them all…more
The SHORTEST story of my life
Bzzzzzzzzz…bzzzzzzzzzz… the phone rattled on the side table… bbzzzzzzz… bbbzzzzz. From the corner of my eye I checked the time. It was still 2 am. I turned my face the other way and again went back into my dream. The vibration never stopped. Irritated, I got up and checked who the devil was…more
In the summer of 1987, God consecrated me with his best creation. I felt blessed with his Gift. I don’t remember the actual events but I do remember the moment I touched her tender soft hands…I felt alive…more
During my life’s voyage I have an epiphany about the subjectivity of love. The way its perspective changes depending on the observer and the angle it is being witnessed from. To some it is “the BESTEST OF FRIENDSHIP”, one individual who can unbelievably multiply your delight and diminish your grieves…more
The Absence of HER Fragrance
It was 8 30 pm and I reached home after a good day at the office and about 10 sets of squash. I was exhausted to an inch of my life…was barely able to move … squash took every ounce of energy out of me…more