Let's Walk

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Take 1:
Come my dear let’s walk
Let’s walk together to forever
I know you fear but let’s walk
Let’s walk and defeat it together.
We might never be ready
Or we are ready now
Let’s tie our will together
And let’s walk to see it goes how
My mind is wide open
To see all the possibilities
I am yours and you are mine
Let’s walk together to the end of time

Take 2:
From far across it was coming back
The memory of a broken past
In fear, I hide and stay
Waiting for this storm to pass
They tell me to face it now
That I will never be ready otherwise
But how do I be brave
What amount of courage will suffice
How do I save what’s damaged
How do I mend a broken tie
How do I live life with hope
When within all wants to die
My will is shattered my faith all gone
All I see is an endless night
Bring me some star bring me some sun
Don’t wake me up if there is no light
Manas ‘Sameer’ Mukul
So which ‘take’ you liked the most 🙂
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23 Responses

  1. Intellidiot says:

    give me johney walker and i will keep walking 😉

  2. richamina says:

    I love take 2 it has depicted the strength we need to survive the harshness of world. We continue because show must go on

  3. Prerna Wahi says:

    Beautifully penned poems. I liked part 2 more and was actually wondering if it reflects your personality or is truly a piece of fiction!

  4. poseinstyle says:

    I loved the way you have described the definition of love. Its about us not about me. Is it your story or just a write up. Deep thinker …

    • Manas Mukul says:

      Thank you so much Pooja. When one writes specially a poem it is bound to have some inspiration… My story or not… Definitely my Contemplation 😊.
      Keep visiting and encouraging. It really works.

  5. Ritu Kalra says:

    Though both have been written very beautifully..but I liked the first one more because it brings a smile to my face..

    • Manas Mukul says:

      Thank you so much Ritu… Dil se… Because that is one which is more closer to my heart… And you are the only one who appreciated that one…
      Glad that it brought a smile.
      Keep smiling 😊👍

  6. MeenalSonal says:

    I like the take 2, it has a reason to fear and will to stand again.
    Take 1 also has it’s charm, you can actually write a connecting stanza to combine both the takes.
    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts

  7. Priyal says:

    Wow Manas you have penned it down so beautifully, I love the first one more. Keep writing 🙂

  8. shravmusings says:

    Both are wonderful but I loved your 2nd poem as it showcases more will power

  9. Abhijit Ray says:

    A beautiful invitation to walk together to confront fear, forever. Beautifully done.

  10. Rashi Roy says:

    Double wow for 2 poems! Though the 2nd one is deep, I liked the 1st one more as it’s a happier one 👌

  11. Tanya Verma says:

    Wow it s nice

  12. Shilpa Mishra says:

    Take 1 is beautiful and from the heart and strikes a connection immediately. Take 2 is well thought through one as an experienced seasoned writer. Keep them coming, love visiting here.

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