J – JINGOISM | #AtoZChallenge

J – Jingoism | #AtoZChallenge #BlogchatterA2Z

The first round of polling is officially completed for General Elections 2019. I have been following news and there have been continuous reports of EVMs malfunctioning in various polling booths. There is a trend emerging from the last two rounds of general elections, I have personally been a victim of it, that a large number of voters’ names are missing from the voter list. There were complaints all throughout the day where on average a number of fifty people per booth were unable to find their names. Would anyone look into that? I think its too late to take any corrective measures.
The new issue which I found in the news being reported today was that a massive number of people have reached out saying the ‘indelible ink’, which is imported from several countries, is getting removed in one wash itself. Now, this is something very serious. On one hand, people’s names were removed and on the other, if the ink goes off anybody can vote any number of times and in the end, it will be unverifiable.
What caught my attention today was a tweet from the ruling party’s handle.

Let’s not discuss the religions or faiths he might have missed…but even from their tweet its evident that they accept the secular structure of the country. But isn’t this selective of them to choose which religion they want and which they don’t. Why so much courtesy being showered on two other religions? I have previously stated and will again, since they had the majority this time around, please go ahead and declare it a Hindu state and the same majority will show you your real place.
Jingoism definition
As per Oxford dictionary:

Jingo is defined as ‘A vociferous supporter of policy favouring war, especially in the name of patriotism.’

Its origin as per Oxford is – Late 17th century (originally a conjuror’s word): by jingo (and the noun sense) come from a popular song adopted by those supporting the sending of a British fleet into Turkish waters to resist Russia in 1878. The chorus ran: ‘we don’t want to fight, yet by Jingo! If we do, We’ve got the ships, we’ve got the men, and got the money too’.

Jingoism is defined as ‘Extreme patriotism, especially in the form of aggressive or warlike foreign policy.’

A couple of days back the PM was reaching out to the first time voters from an election rally and was appealing to vote or to dedicate their vote to the martyr of Pulwama. Now, again and again, we have seen this since the time this ghastly attack took place how the current government is trying to woo voters on the name of soldiers. The Irony is that the CRPF personnel who were killed won’t be given an official ‘Martyr’ status. Forget about what will happen to their kids and family members after they are gone.
Just ask yourself is this the new India that you want to build or just another country like our neighboring countries with a saffron color to everything. Even the rainbow with only one color will lose its identity and beauty.
While nationalism or patriotism is fuelled by a love for one’s own country Jingoism is fuelled by hate towards a common thing. Jingoism doesn’t exist in individuality…it exists in a crowd. The mob culture of handing out the so-called justice is a prime example of it.
In fact, the basic concept of nationalism took birth in Europe during the industrial revolution where the core fundamental behind the formation of a country lies in the language they speak, the religion they follow and a common set of virtues they hate.
The ascendency of this phenomenon is complemented by the decline of other ideologies as well. The others who don’t have any inclination towards any particular ideology, but want to question, don’t do that for the fear of being termed Anti-National.
The sad reality is the party that was non-existent even during the war of Independence questions the patriotism of the opposition. Those who refused to hoist the tri-color at their headquarter question the patriotism of a party who was key to the Independence of our country. If there wasn’t any contribution by them, I think a certain individual should be stripped of the title ‘Father of the nation.’ Believe me, if the current model continues it will be a reality sooner than later.
Patriotism is very subjective – For example, when I was out of the country, my patriotism was towards my country. But when we are in our country doesn’t that gets divided into the states we represent. Don’t we have undeclared biases like North India v\s South India, doesn’t it gets reduced to your city when you are within a state? Long before India was constitutionally united didn’t the kingdoms or princely states fought wars amongst themselves, at that time every soldiers’ patriotism was towards the state he was defending.
The fanatic rise in Islamic fundamentalism propelled by western interests makes it a global phenomenon, which directly or indirectly favors the narrative of jingoism.
The new nationalism that is actually Jingoism is very dangerous for future generations. You have a look around the world and the countries which promote it – are they really on the course of development? Hardly, any. In fact, the very concept is outdated and takes the overall progressive thought process of the country decades and centuries back.
I am sorry to say this, but if Jingoism isn’t wrong, then Hitler was never wrong in all the atrocities he committed.
For all those who believe everyone is equal,
For all those who are patriotic,
For all those who are nationalistic,
For all those who hate Jingoism…
It’s not a goodbye,
But it’s a GOOD BYE.
Manas ‘Sameer’ Mukul
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  1. I saw this tweet and the uproar over it. This party is filled with bigots and hate mongers and now they are voicing it with out on their official page.

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    Unique article.

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    Well said, Manas.

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