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20 Responses

  1. Interesting and colorful as always.

  2. aditi says:

    Interesting read.

  3. writenlive says:

    I really liked the Jostein Gaarder quote. Decodes you and your blog πŸ™‚

  4. The title is so impressive that I can not resist myself to go for it. Quite interesting and inspiring interview it was.

  5. The title of the book is quite intriguing and joker plays such an important role in the pack, but many games we keep joker aside and play the game, so is what we do in our life, fun and laughing on things and making other laugh is something we keep aside when are playing the game of life…we become serious and it affects us. We need to contemplate and reflect…

  6. arv! says:

    Indeed travel provides you with many moments and many stories. I like the fact that you ty to light up other people’s life, Mukul. Keep going!

  7. msarora says:

    Loved it! I was really eager to read every next line. An interesting story.

  8. TheMomSagas says:

    Very interesting post.

  9. Sonam Jain says:

    This is an interesting read. The title is so creative.. U r fab

  10. indian beauty secrets says:

    Interesting story very captivating

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