This article was written by me when i was in class 11th or 12th … I don’t clearly remember…its about the friendships of my school time which has somehow withered away with time…few of them remain my good friends till date…but most of them have lost touch because of the fast paced life…some of them have taken giant leaps while some are like me still deciding which way to take my future…
so here’s how the article was…

Someone who’s kind and thoughtful,
Whose company’s pleasure,
Someone who listens and understands,
Whose good advice you treasure,
Someone whose warmth and patience,
Never seem to have an end,
Someone who has a caring heart,
That someone is friend…

Friendship happens when, one person reaches out to another, trusts, comforts, believes in that person, hopes the best for that person and makes a special difference that no one else can make.

A friend is the one who makes the good time better, sharing laughter, smiles and fun.”

Palace of friendship is a place of acceptance and love. A place where you feel you belong to. It is a place where you celebrate joys and finds comfort if something goes wrong.

It is a place full of welcome and trust, a place where there’s laughter and sharing. It’s a place that is made safe and secure with the warmth of friends who live there.
Some things in life do never change, one such thing is friendship of a friend. I have experienced friendship of most true and loyal friends in life.

People say after god comes the place of friends but I say my friends are my God. I worship them, I love them, and I adore them… Until I was a child I never knew what is friendship, but the moment I realized what friendship is, I was at the top of this world. For me the value of a special friend cannot be measured but it can only be treasured.

Yes a true friend is a real treasure of life, for diamond and gold may degrade but friendship of a friend may never.


Days and months have passed away but my thoughts remain the same. What will happen when I will leave this school? Will I be able to meet my friends after school or not?

20th august 1996, my first day in C.M.S. Degree College. I was a bit nervous, somewhat confused but a whole lot confident.

Obviously, because of being a late admission I faced a lot many problems in adjusting in class and completing my work. But as it is truly said that,  “A friend in need is a friend indeed” so did my friends were because in spite of being a new student in the class they treated me as their old friend and helped me in completion of my back work.

My first day was not full of events but one or two did take place. In the first period I was quite amazed to hear that students wish teachers by saying ‘jai jagat’, no good morning or noon. Well then in my English period our English teacher, VINITA BHANOT (at that time she was our eng. Teacher), asked the meaning of the word ‘crimson’. I raised my hand and gave the correct answer and for this I won applause. I saw a girl, with blunt cut hairs, in the girls’ row smiling at me and I am still carrying that moment of the first day with me and will remain with me forever.

That smile gave me enough courage that I wondered where my nervousness had gone and it is encouraging me to this day even. Vinita ma’am surprised me by adding an adjective,’ HERO’ to me. I think this was all due to my hairs. Well then not much happened with me that year.

The next year I came across some new faces. Nishant, the topper of our batch was one of them. He always fidgeted with his fingers as if he was a patient of epilepsy. There was also a poet, Elina, among us who was always ready with one or two of her own creations. We had some good players among us: Kamal, Nishant, Sajid, Achint, Praveen, Shantanu, Ajit, Gunjan, Milind and of course myself. Prakhar ‘the descent boy’ mostly remained the 12th man but now he is an improved player of all-round abilities. The duo of Elina and Neha kul. was always ready with their ever-boring song ‘awara bhanwarein’. I remember Prachi and I became good friends mainly b’coz she lived opposite to my house. But the rest of the ‘pack’ of girls seldom took part in anything. We mainly took part in many co-curricular activities mainly in ‘Bhartiyam’. I remember that during this period a tragedy,’ The Gharhi Incident’ took place with Prakhar and the credit goes to me. At that time we were very good at tangling one girl’s name with one boy. We kept code words for every girl. And this is the main reason for my ever so bad image of a bad boy, which most of the girls still carry but this isn’t true. I am good at heart and it is as pure as pure can be. So this gives you an idea that I was involved in all kinds of activities. Doing comic activities was an integral part of me and it still is.

During the first three months of my year in 8th I was in section A but due to the disliking of Pratiksha ma’am I was thrown away in section C. in 8th I met a good looking smart guy, Aditya Sharma, who was going to be my best friend for the coming three years and then he left the school. That ‘smiling’ face was still with me.

In 9th we had a whole lot of good time. In those days W.W.F. was in the air and Shantanu and I were the self-proclaimed ‘tag team champions’. I think teaching in C.M.S was the most horrible experience of our geography teacher, Mita Aggarwal, who lasted for only two weeks b’coz of our good, creative and notorious deeds. To my surprise Nishant also took part in ‘Pungi Bajaing’.

Now coming to those who called themselves the ‘teachers’. ‘Goltcha’ puzzled us with his ‘tond’ and maths. Pratiksha ma’am and Tripathi ma’am laid stress on Hindi and Sanskrit. Geography was made beautiful and lovely by Vinita ma’am. I know Nishant will not like it. The ever-funny soul of Mrs. Chawla taught us chemistry and biology. We visited the remains of Mohen-jo-daro and caves of Ajanta-Ellora through our historian Mr. Anjan ghosh. ‘Idli Dosa’ specialist Kanika ma’am taught English to us. We got some tips of engineering from Shikha ma’am in physics and we lost our ‘Basics’ with her in computers.

This was all about how I spent my pre-secondary section.

Seven years have passed away since I am having a true relation with this institution and its people. A millennium has changed and I witnessed it throughout with my everlasting friends. And I wish that the remains of this friendship stay in this universe till the day sun rises and sets.

At this time I am very much confused. A feeling tickling my heart makes me sad and happy at times. Happiness of being a grown up, happiness of going to college, happiness of breaking all restrictions of school. But at the same time sadness of leaving a school I cherish the most, grief of parting with friends I love the most, sorrow of parting with people I have lived with, I loved, I have played with and shared these seven years of my life. In these years of life I have learned to enjoy life, to learn from life’s sufferings, to grief at times of sadness and to laugh at times of happiness but the thing I have learnt the most is ‘A TRUE FRIENDSHIP’.

My friends have formed an everlasting part of my life and now its time to part with them. Its like life is moving away from me. Whenever I think of it my breath and my heart beats slow down.

“Never I felt before like such,
Never I felt alone that much,
It is a feeling undefined,
Never my heart mourned that much..”

At the end of the day when I look back to how have I spend my school days…I find this…

“My childhood all gone away,
My innocence all lost,
I remember the spring and the autumn,
Those summers and those frosts.
No words to express my thoughts,
No words to express my feelings,
I keep on asking questions to myself,
What are these untold feelings..”

For those who love me,
For those who like me,
For those lived for me,
For those who believe in me,
For those who have faith in me,
For those who praise me,
For those who tease me,
For those who played with me,
For those who have had fun with me,
For those who smile for me,
For those who laugh at me,
For those who think of me,
For those who care for me,
For those who taught me,
For those who won’t forget me,
For those who will forget me,
And also for all those who Hate me,
It’s not a goodbye,
But it’s a good bye.

Truly yours


Always keep smiling and best of love ‘n’ luck.

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21 Responses

  1. Purva Ranjan says:

    amazg…it is too gud
    lvd it 🙂

  2. Ankit says:

    Awesome Manas..I can truly, madly, deeply understand your feelings..
    CMS gave us that environment which has a life of its own.

  3. Manoj says:

    nice..though my name not there 😉

  4. Sugandha Kumar says:

    woww…. very beautifully narrated… loved the discription of the first day, your discription of your character, n the best part was you meeting aaditya in section-C…hehe… bravo!! amazing work.. lookin forward to more of such life filled narrations!!God bless!!

  5. Swatee says:

    Nice write up…enjoyed reading this article..Keep it up Dude..n All d very best 4 future..!!

  6. himanshu says:

    though i played vital role in ur life which changd ur perception & short sightedness ,a turning point,still u didnt felt lik potratin nythin bou me…
    keep goin n waitin fr ur nxt blog….

  7. Shraddha says:

    I think I should be the last person posting a comment on dis article… Coz I knew it was coming some day… had seen it being written word by word…
    though u forgot to mention about your helper thru dis article, me… but its allright … i m not being chetan bhagat…
    awesome… keep up the good work…anticipating more and better….

  8. Shraddha says:

    and yes u wrote this article in 12th…

  9. Rahul Puri says:

    Extremely nostalgic is what my lips can prompt at this moment..

  10. Neha Uttam says:

    very nicely written…and took me to d same old classes…n yes secrets revealed…totally awsum 🙂

  11. Nishant says:

    Dude you should have tagged all the junta

  12. Abhijeet singh says:

    Very nice yaar…purane din yaad aa gaye…super…kp it up

  13. Shivangj says:

    Class 8th C and missing many names
    The most mischievous class

  14. I remembered all that I forgot … thank u Manas

  15. loved it

  16. Prachi DUbey says:

    want to read this again and again 🙂

  17. suyog parihar says:

    Bhai aditya ke sath ek dusra handsome dost bhi tha…can understand u must be jealous:)…keep smiling n spread happiness…

  18. Pr@Gun says:

    Nostalgic post… Took me back to my class room today.
    Whichever city, whichever year, whichever class I feel the beauty of school time, the place of laughters shares treasures is same for every young student.

  19. ANJAN Ghosh says:

    Great writing……re kindled my inner most desire to be a writer…..proud of you….. blessings for more write ups.

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