The Fishbowl
It was dark and crowded. The DJ was in his groove and the music was too loud for my eardrums. The neon and laser lights kept on flashing and at times irritating me. Though the room had varied beauties dancing off to the latest numbers my eyes…more
Death on Karnataka Express
The sudden jerk of the train coming to a halt shook me out of slumber. I was sleeping on the middle berth of a three-tier AC coach. I moved the pungent smelling inflexible curtain and tried to peep through the window…more
The Curious Case of TINDER girls
Boy swipes right…Girl swipes right…It’s a MATCH!!!
Tinder boy: hey! H r u
Tinder girl: hiiiieeeee…I am good…u tell…more
The 28 ‘Something’ Bachelor…
Are you 28 years old or above??
Are you single??
Do you get nervous these days before you login into social media with the fear of somebody posting a status or a pic of their engagement…marriage or even the birth of their child??…more
It was a very humid night. The sleep eluded me because of the muggy and sticky weather. The summer power cut made merry while it was irritating for me. I was getting twitchy and restless to the extent that I decided to take a bit of stroll round the terrace. The sky was getting murkier and murkier…more
The ‘Curls’ Next Door
“Mom…Mom…Mom…please listen to me…I have told you so many times that I am over it and I am not looking forward to marrying anyone. I beg of you not to talk on this topic every day. I am fed up of it. I have decided for sure…that I won’t get married all my life”…more
The FIRST 100 Kisses
I offered her water because to my surprise it was more than 6 hours that she last had it. We (Paplu, She and me) were traveling from Ghaziabad to Lucknow in Gomti Express. Kanpur arrived… Paplu left …aur meri Fattee…more
The Gharhi Incident – Incomplete Friendship Part-2
City Montessori school was a place where you could find , if not all, most of the beautiful gals in Lucknow, One reason why I was always thankful to my parents for sending me to the Temple of Knowledge, for there were numerous Deity’s to whom I wanted to bow down…more
Theke pe Thoka – Love, blood and desire…
Tip …tip…tip….one by one the tears started rolling down her cheeks…. I rolled across the bed to her…..held her in my arms….brought her real close to me….and slowly …..and slowly…licked her tears…more
A super sexy, scantily clad leggy lass walks in……you keep your beer mug down and start checking her out…..oooohhhhh….she has all the oomph that you were looking for…..suddenly you find yourself praying to God ,”Oh! God why can’t she be mine….am I that bad”…more