H – HATTA | #AtoZChallenge

H – Hatta | #AtoZChallenge #BlogchatterA2Z

Hatta is an inland exclave of Dubai, high in the Hajar Mountains. It is an ideal weekend getaway for nature lovers, mountain bikers and adventure freaks. It is about 130 km from Dubai and about a 90 min drive away. It is an awesome blend of cultural heritage with meditating mountains along with picturesque hiking trails – outdoor adventure heaven.
Previously known as Hajarain, till 1906, Hatta became a part of Dubai during the reign of Hasher Bin Maktoum after the Omani Sultan Turki bin Said transferred the territory, finding him unable to defend it against the Na’im of Buraimi, who had settled neighboring Masfout (today a part of the emirate of Ajman).
It was the summer habitation of the earlier Dubai based families because of its cooler climate away from heat and humidity. Its economy is based on tourism and water resources.

Things to do in Hatta
Hatta Heritage Village: Restored in 2001, it showcases many artifacts, things of dwellings and furnishings depicting lives of the era gone by. It is Dubai’s oldest village – take a walk through the ancient watchtowers, forts and mosques. A library is also there where you can read about the history of Emirates and their cultural heritage and past.
Mountain Biking: An initiative backed by the Dubai Municipality, the Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Centre, offers multiple trail options catering to beginners as well as advanced bikers. It has a total fleet of 60 bikes for hire and a 52-km trail with 4 challenging levels. No better way to enjoy the cooler climate and meandering trails of the mountains than biking. Hop on to one!
Hiking through Hatta: If are not a fan of mountain biking, don’t worry. You can still enjoy the wadis treks of Hatta. Surrounded by the Hajar Mountains, take a hike through the troughs and ravines and you might actually come across a pool. There is a famous spot behind the Hatta Dam where you can capture some wildlife and amazing landscapes.

By Alexandermcnabb – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=72771700

Kayaking in Hatta Dam: The dam is about a 15 min drive from Hatta Wadi Hub. Hatta Kayak operates the kayaking in the Hatta Lake where you can rent pedal boats and kayaks. Immerse in the surreal beauty of the Hatta while gliding for a 50 min experience. You can also opt for a pedal boat option for a peaceful calmer experience.
Dip in Hatta Rock Pools: If you aren’t still satisfied you can take a dip in the green Hatta Rock Pools. It’s a buzzing spot for many swimmers enjoying the emerald water in the valleys of Hatta.
A dose of Adventure: For all the adventure junkies the Hatta Wadi Hub is the place to be. Though not all the attractions are operational, still there is plenty on offer. The range of activities includes mountain biking to downhill carting, a human slingshot, axe throwing, archery, adventure rope courses, zip lines, and a lot more. One can also go for a mountain safari in an SUV.
Drop in at Hatta Drop-in: If you still have an appetite for more, drop in at Hatta Drop-in, a close by location to Hatta Wadi Hub. It is the first water jump park in Aisa with crazy slides. If you are in zorbing don’t miss the transparent orbs here.
Glamping is the way to go: The perfect to absorb in nature is by living in it and what better way than glamping. Hatta gives you a great opportunity to let go of the regular stay in hotels instead try out the trailer hotel, Hatta Sedr Trailers. It is located on the banks of Hatta Dam and is the region’s first ‘Trailer Hotel’. Damani Lodges and Hatta Caravan Park are the other two options to enjoy nature with luxury. The Hatta Park Hotel is a resort for the past 35 years with views of the Hajar Mountains.
Picnic at Hatta Hill Park: Hatta Hill Park is a wonderful picnic location. You can take your kids there to the Children’s playing field. Nothing beats feasting on a delicious barbeque with the mountains and Hatta Village in the background.
Getting there:
Cheap public transport is available in the form of buses from both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The best way is to drive noting that you will need to take the long way around Oman to avoid the border crossing which is currently closed. The best route from Dubai is from E102 (Sharjah-Kalba Road) via E611 (Emirates Road).
Note and Tips:
While driving to Hatta, a certain section passes through Oman. Though there aren’t any security and visa checks, your car and accidental insurance might not be valid there.
Keep warmer clothing, Hatta is cooler than Dubai and the nights get chillier.
Take proper kit and protection gear for adventure sports and mountain biking.
Take precautions while swimming in the Hatta pools as the water fluctuates.
Keep passports and documents handy, just in case you are questioned at borders.
A trip to Hatta is the perfect calming and soothing experience you need away from all the maddening hustle and bustle of Dubai. Go and have loads of fun!
For all those who enjoy adventure sports,
For all those who are into hiking,
For all those who love nature,
For all those who love Hatta…
It’s not a goodbye,
But it’s a GOOD BYE.
Manas ‘Sameer’ Mukul
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