Femazon – The Land of Women

Femazon – The Land of Women.

Circa 2100. Location – Venus

On the planet Venus, around the year 2100, there was an ultra- technologically advanced inhabitation known as Femazon. It occupied all the liveable places on the planet. Every citizen of the Femazon was a female. There were some malfunctioning embryos known as Androgynous that didn’t have reproductive capabilities.

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Femazon – The Land of Women

Two duennas (female super cops) arrived at the prison ‘Virility’. They reached cell no. C001 to take her to the office of deportation. They were dressed in slick pink leather skin suits with a baby pink helmet that was equipped with the latest communication technologies. The screen of the headgear was innovated to guide them through the navigation and continuously display crucial information.

The proceedings would take place in a huge glossy white hall. The walls of the justice room were translucent. People on the outside wouldn’t know what was going on inside but everything from the outside would be visible.

A stunningly beautiful fair lady with scintillating shiny skin arrived and took her chair behind a huge carbon desk with an impenetrable firearm-resistant screen. Her skin had a glittering quality to it, which made her an automatic choice for the position. Only the Glitterati could get this position. It was a rare occasion when such a hearing was called.
She announced, “Let the proceedings begin.”

Each citizen of Femazon was live streaming it over their plasmas. One had to watch and be a witness to the proceedings even if they didn’t want to. The authorities would keep track of everyone through retina sensors in the viewing devices to check whether everyone was watching it or not.

One of the female cops took a couple of steps forward and said, “My fair lady this termagant here has committed the greatest sin of all. She made love to a Martian.”

Upon hearing this, the audience gave out a collective sigh of shock and began murmuring. Every member of the audience was female. The privilege of attending a deportation hearing or for that matter any judicial proceeding was strictly reserved for ladies. No Androgynous was allowed.

The Central Health-Monitoring Agency (CHMA) registered a sudden spike in the vitals of every citizen of Femazon at the same time. The CHMA had injected a nanochip in the body of every Femizen the moment their nine months of incubation got over and the embryos took the body form. This nanochip helped them monitor every single citizen living in Femazon. So that appropriate measures would be taken if anyone came in contact with any kind of virus or sickness.

The cop continued, “She was captured from the banks of River Fuchsia and was without any clothes. Our on-the-spot tests confirmed that she had alien (male) body fluids on her body.”

The expression of the Glitterati went from pensive to raging. She couldn’t believe what she just heard. Nobody had ever witnessed her that angry. This was the first time anyone was hearing of a crime of this grave nature.
She questioned the cops, “What about the whereabouts of the male counterpart? Where is that creepy insect?”

“The Drone squads along with the Super Kitten commandos are on the lookout. It is a matter of minutes before that infiltrator will be captured. The reflector shield of the atmosphere has been activated and no living thing can escape the Estro-layer,” the other cop answered.

The Glitterati turned her attention to the defiled one. Her face hardly reflected any remorse and her gaze was already fixated on her with piercing eyes. She hated this world of Femazon where every emotion was synthetic. She had always held this belief that this world of theirs wasn’t made to love a machine or a toy.

The Glitterati interrogated her, “You filth-ridden, impure scoundrel! What was it that drove you towards a Martian? Weren’t you satisfied with our super orgasmic stimulators? Last week’s poll of every Femizen affirmed with a 99.98% majority that they were all satisfied with a female or a mechanical touch to fulfill their desires. What was it that you were seeking?”

Apart from these carnal dollies, every Femizen was gifted chatter-bots and cuddlers upon reaching puberty. The chatter-bots were designed not to interrupt a conversation till the time they detect a decline in the estrogen levels. Similarly, a cuddler was used to provide comforting cuddles with a soothing fragrance.

“I don’t know what I was seeking, but whatever it was, it was truly liberating,” she responded.

“Liberating?” the Glitterati shrieked. “Do you even have the slightest of idea what all our fore-mothers have sacrificed to reach where we are today? Weren’t you taught about the last battle that took place on Earth about a century ago and how some of our ancestors were successfully able to escape execution and leave for this planet?” she added.

“Women suffered from brutality at the hands of men for thousands of years of Patriarchy. This is our only chance and we are not going to let a lecher like you destroy our beautiful world of Femocracy with your lust.”

“It was not lust. It was love,” she fired back.

The Glitterati gave a sarcastic grin and began, “Oh you poor kid. You hardly understand what these men seek. They all are trash. They only have one desire and now that the scumbag has fulfilled it with you, I am pretty sure he will hardly identify you. That is what they did to our gender on Earth and now this is how they want to infiltrate in our world in the name of love.”

“Nature made us that way otherwise why would there be a male counterpart. It was for a reason that God made male and female,” the goatish one replied.

“Did he teach you this crap? With all our technological developments and advancements, we are truly the creators of our destiny. We neither need any man nor any God. Your mind has been corrupted and you reek of an Earthling,” the Glitterati shunned her.

“If you think that I have done a crime by loving a man, go ahead and give me any punishment but from where I see, I have done no crime. I plead not guilty,” she replied.

The Glitterati turned towards the jury of high priestesses and said, “I think this girl has been completely compromised. Her mind has gone completely salacious. We should award her the strictest of punishments that Femazon has ever seen so that no other female ever dares to love a man.”

After consulting each other one of the high priestesses said, “Since the laws of Femazon don’t allow us to sanction capital punishment to a female I am afraid the harshest punishment that would be given to you is to be thrown away to Earth. Send her to the filth and dirt of Earth. She has to repent for her sins and suffer in the hell of patriarchy on Earth.”

The girl started sobbing and fell. The duennas approached her and grabbed her by her arms. They started dragging her away when she was heard saying, “Please! Please! Please, don’t deport me to Earth. Please, give me a death sentence here or let me die with him but don’t send me to Earth.”

The duennas kept dragging her till her voice completely died.

Manas ‘Sameer’ Mukul

Femazon – The Land of Women was first published in Blogchatter’s anthology ‘To Be Read’ as Circa 2100, Location – Venus. Femazon – The Land of Women was an outcome of a sci-fi prompt given by the mentors from the team blogchatter.

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7 Responses

  1. Rashi says:

    I remember reading this during the anthology. Loved it then, loved reading it again now. What a powerful imagination you have. It took me to a different world and am still thinking what if this was for real!

    • Manas Mukul says:

      Thank you so much for reading it again and leaving this wonderful comment. I too wonder what if this was for real 😂

  2. Pr@Gun says:

    Sci-fi imagining a dystopian femazon is very creative.
    Such a wonderful fiction, that visually transported me to a place unknown.
    Patriarchy on Earth, Femocracy, Gliterrati, duennas, chat bots, cuddlers, are all well thought out mentions.
    More power to your creative pen.

    • Manas Mukul says:

      Thank you thank you for such appreciation. Not sure whether I am worthy of it but this surely motivates me to write more. Hopefully more in future. Thanks again 😊👍🏽🙏🏼

  3. Deepika says:

    This was very creative and intriguing. It would be fearful world i think, but your imagination is just wow.

    • Manas Mukul says:

      Thank you so much for this amazing appreciation Deepika ji. Honestly I take inspiration from you to write better fiction. Hopefully will get better in future. These are the kind of posts I love to pen. Thank you again 😊😊

  4. Deepika says:

    This was very creative and intriguing. It would be fearful world i think, but your imagination is just wow.

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