A super sexy, scantily clad leggy lass walks in……you keep your beer mug down and start checking her out…..oooohhhhh….she has all the oomph that you were looking for…..suddenly you find yourself praying to God ,”Oh! God why can’t she be mine….am I that bad”. You start negotiating with him(God)…acha chalo I don’t want her in a relationship I know that’s not possible with the Hrithik Roshan looks you have bestowed upon me….still negotiating….God please please please….just make it work ….even if its for few days…or EVEN DAY. You pick up your beer mug again and try to console yourself by reminding yourself,”every dog has its day and mine will come soon”.
You try to enjoy the akon no. that the Dj just put on but you know your happiness is somewhere round there hugging some Son of a Biiiiiiiillionare….(I know as soon as you see the word son and the letter ‘Bi’ what comes to your mind…..frankly speaking for a moment he becomes that son of a b**ch for you… )
You try hard to concentrate on music and beer rather than her but……..its just then , that a very seductive voice says….’Hi are you alone….may I have a drink with you?”….you try to recognize that voice but instead you end up recognizing that there are the same sultry legs that entered the pub a few moments ago…..and you realize that God is not that unkind either. She sits so close to you that you start believing that this ‘Tushar kapoor’ actually have the looks of  Hrithik Roshan. She orders a Vodka for herself ….soon you begin visualizing that, this is your chance…..she is the oasis that you were looking for in this desert of a life. Tring tring….Tring Tring(your time to come back to the reality…I know by this time you would have started unbuttoning her top…..of course in your fantasy itself) you take out your cellphone …..OMG its your girlfriend who is calling….you don’t have a clue what to do and what not to and out of hastiness you end up answering her call. “Hi jaan….kya kar raha hai babu….”(you say all this just to make her feel that she is the ONLY woman on this planet that you love…..although you are still on your voyage of unbuttoning her;).. ) a squeaking voice on the other end enquires where the hell are you and what’s that music in the background….”kuch nahi jan ek client k sath aaya tha …main tumhe bad me call karu”…is all that you find yourself uttering.
By this time she is already four pegs down(atleast this is what you are hoping for). You ask her for a dance and to your surprise she immediately agrees. On the dance floor I can bet on anything that all your life you have never been so close to a girl who is herself a HUMAN BOMB…wearing the least she can in a pub. This is the time when something other than your Heart and Mind tries to take control of the situation. But to your disappointment she leaves you gasping for more and making a promise to meet you the next day in a similar kind of place.
You make big plans for the next day….and some of them do even come true. You meet her….she is looking even more beautiful than the previous evening. Did I say beautiful actually what I meant was…..hottttt….sexyyyy…n allll. You both do the same things what you did the previous night…..but this time the difference was that, you have found a boulevard to her lips…and you are finally smooching her…..(keep it up boss but for a moment think whether is this a dream or reality…….par saala us samay itna sochta kaun hai….). Like yesterday she again leaves you there, like every girl does….keeps you wanting for more.
The next day you make a plan to go to a disc. you ask money from your best buddy,….hire a car and pick her up. I know I know again the same thing happens…you get drunk….she gets drunk….but this time you find her wearing your shirt in her bed obviously in her apartment. The next morning you feel as if you have conquered the Mt. Everest and you will have a constant smile throughout the day. Suddenly you are brought to sea level by the same tring tring of your cell phone. Its again the same once-the-ever-so-beautiful girlfriend of yours. She asks that she has some urgent work at this n this place…can you accompany her. You think that instead of her doubting him, its better to spend some time with her too. After all she was the one who was wearing your shirt night after night (and sometimes days too) before this next-to-Goddess like girl came into your life 4 days back.
You accompany your girlfriend to an unknown place. It’s a huge building. You are taken to a very quite a cozy kind of a room. To your surprise you find, that very goddess whom you were dating for the past four days is sitting there. To add to the drama you see a projector and a screen. And to more drama and surprise it’s you who is in the film that is being projected. Suddenly you realize that you are the HERO of a sting operation that was being carried out on you for the past 4 days. TWO SLAPS DOWN …. Now you are being asked why Sameer why …..why did you do this to me n all that melodrama. Now you have a daunting task of handling the river of tears along with the occasion flurry slaps and answering to never ending whys n whys.
I just want to know whether it is really emotion attyachar….(I know my female friends will say yes) but IT IS NOT. I just want to ask them will they ever want to be in a relation with an impotent kind of guy? At least for me a guy who doesn’t get seduced by a model who he has seen on ‘splitsvilla’ for continuous 3 months is impotent only. So who’s fault is this….the guy’s or the gal’s???? Its actually their relationship’s fault which is not good enough and strong enough to keep both of them tied together. I am not trying to protect the guy here. I am simply saying that he never went to any girl and ask for any kind of favors. Its simply that, a very luscious girl walked upto him…..seduced him….trapped him…..and then faked that she was the one who did favors on that poor guy. Arey yarr akhir wo ladka bhi to insan hai……if he is a real MAN he will get seduced…he will fall for her….after all he also knows that the destiny is showering her blessings on him for a short while only. The same is the case with girls….i don’t blame them if a television star approach them and says I love you…..directly looking them in their eyes…..will you be mine ….. They are bound to fall for him. A mistake is when a guy or a gal by their own wish walk out of the relationship with some other person without even informing their partners. I strongly believe that it’s still better to sit and talk to each other and sort everything out rather than spoiling and making a joke out of your relationship for a stupid TV serial.
For all those who love their partners,
For all those who don’t love their partners,
For all those who are cheating on their partners,
For all those who will never cheat on their partners,
For all those who are loyal,
For all those who get seduced,
For all those who are honest….
Its not a goodbye
But it’s a GOOD BYE…………aur han PLAY SAFE…..

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12 Responses

  1. sugandha kumar says:

    well written bhaiya…. but i strongly believe dat a gal will never leave a guy she truely loves for any other man whose hotter, smarter, richer whateva, but her family!! and i m only talking about decent gals n not a few whores roaming around…
    its this harmonal problem with u guys dat u cheat…. i dont say its wrong to have crushes or b infatuated to another female while you are dating someone but cheating on a female who loves u like a baby only shows how impotent u r!!

  2. abhinav says:

    Likhna chhod de bhai.. Koi aur talent khoj apne aap mein

    • Manas Mukul says:

      kaha dost…..hamare ander to koi bhi talent nahi hai….ye to bas apne ap ko khush rakhne k liye likh lete hai…..waise bhi hume kaha kuch aata hai…..

  3. Shraddha Mukul says:

    well said bhai… n very well argumented juhi… in my opinion humana should behave like humans and d day dey start going around with any and every sexy lad or dude on d street they turn beasts…
    but again thinking compels me to divert saying… is being monogamous a true signature of love… is being physically involved and loving each other one and the same thing…
    well anyways who am i to decide what one has to do…just dat if you love someone it doesnt give u d rite to spy on that person… and more so if he has fallen for someone else.. your espionage is not gonna bring him back to u… pyar hai to hai aur nai hai toh jabardasti karaya nahi jaa sakta…agar u love him den dere is no point of all dis EMOTIONAL ATYACHAR…

  4. Sushant says:

    abe tune to dil pe hi le liya ……………but jo bhi kaha sahi kaha………….I am stick with my point ki
    “aap karaana bhi wahi chahte ho aur fir jab banda kar de to video bana k kehte ho ki pakad liya”…………..

  5. Abhishek Nigam says:

    Great job bro………good psychoanalysis……..keep writing…..we r banking on u to win a Booker Prize for India soon…….keep it up !!!!!!

  6. Bhaiya……….YU shud’v included ‘For all those who are desperately Single since ages……..:(‘
    Well, it’z really seducing through out but being a normal guy i mst say, if his gf wud’ve done same like him, thn ths guy cud’ve killed her………..tht’s the prblm wid manhood!! Isn’t it??

  7. shwetika says:

    vry nice….bt 4rm ma point f u its nt right n m nt satisfied d way u think…i don’t knw wht guys think f thmslvs..????z ths d way 2 shw ur,wht u cal’mardaangi’..?? newayz well written…bt a real human being wud nevr cheat on his/her partner,dat z sumthng wht i think n believe being a grl….

  8. Shraddha says:

    hmmmmm… where is dis going haa… seems like its taken a wagon to places…anyways…. who is anybody on this earth to decide who is more human than another…. who has given somebody else the right to make or announce judgement about someone else’s life..
    n to all my hindu frns her…
    krishna ne radha ko chaha toh kya sirf usse chaha… mana he was not human…toh fir bhagwaan bhi mat maano na itni hi problem hai…gopiyon se toh…

  9. Ravish says:

    u hav ur point f view bro,bt ,its al bout d amount f control u can show for ur partner.things like these can nd will always happen.all dese things should b pre-sorted in your mind b4 u gt into a relatnship.all priorities need to be pre-decided.dats wt according to me is d true meaning of-‘EMOTIONAL ATYACHAR’..its how wel r u capable f avoiding nd turning down dese temptations

  10. Shalzzz says:

    Loved the last lines esp. Keep writng…

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