Do the Wardrobe | #ShareTheLoad

Do The Wardrobe | #ShareTheLoad #Blogadda

“Papa who will prepare the breakfast for us”, I asked hungrily.

“I will beta I will”, he replied. “Don’t worry! What will you have for breakfast? What did mummy generally cook?” he questioned.

I answered, “We would usually have a dry vegetable to go along with Paratha.”

He said, “OK don’t worry.”

What he didn’t say was he had never cooked before in his lifetime.

The year was 1997 and mummy was admitted in a hospital for an ear operation. It required two surgeries to be performed and it would have required her to be in the hospital for a whole long week. She had never left us alone for so long without guidance. 10 min into the ordeal he was yet to light the stove.

My sister and I knew that there was no way we were getting any breakfast before school time, forget about getting paratha and bhindi.

After a few minutes, he gave up and handed us both 20 rupees each and asked to eat something from the school canteen.

A week later mom returned and we told her the complete episode. Since then she made it point to teach me all the things necessary related to running a household and the so-called things that are supposedly done by females of a house. Today I can proudly say that there are days when I cook better than my sister.

She taught me everything from cooking to washing clothes from cleaning and mopping to arranging wardrobes. I guess that is the biggest reason I don’t have problems staying alone. Btw everybody claims that my partner would be forever happy (Anybody listening!).

Mom and Me

I make it a point to help mom every now and then with all the things. In fact, whenever I am visiting her I try to spend most of the time with her and help her out with her chores. With age catching up fast on her, it is my prime priority to spend as much time with her as possible and what better way than performing her tasks along with her.

Another comical thing that happens every time my sister pays a visit – The mom-daughter duo gets into a war mode to clean up and dust the house. They are so good with it that most times there are many things that will be forever lost in the black hole of cleaning.

For this, I have taken upon myself to make and arrange my wardrobe. To reduce the load on mom and to prevent further things to get forever lost, I do it on a weekly basis usually on Sundays. After every wash, mom hands over my clothes to me and they are neatly ironed and then folded into the wardrobe. I being me never lose an opportunity to tease them how nicely I have done it.

Every time someone chases me with the question of getting married I either show them my wardrobe or cook a wonderful dish for them and most times they get the answer. There was an era when a washing machine was a privilege and status symbol – Mom even taught me to wash clothes with bare hands.

Even if you cannot wash clothes or put a load in the washing machine, at least, try to keep things in your wardrobe by yourself. This way it will save a lot of time for you every morning when you shout at the top of your voice for your handkerchiefs and socks. It is just like if you can’t cook at least cut a vegetable or do the dishes (I know I know a lot of wives and moms would be rooting for me).

Many guys, especially bachelors, would still find it daunting. Well, you can always start with baby steps – forget about folding clothes and ironing them. Start with creating separate sections for shirts, trousers, socks, undergarments and so on. Once you will get into this habit then all that would be left for you to do is to fold them neatly and arrange them. After washing, always tie up a pair of socks together – it will prevent them from getting misplaced.

I am not complaining, I guess the culture or the society was weaved that way but I often thought that if my father didn’t learn to light up a stove then half of it was his fault but half of it was my grandmothers’. If she would have been strict with him or even encouraged him to try his hand at all this, we would not have gone to the school hungry that day.

Somehow the society is like that. When a guy doesn’t learn all this then a certain section of society blames him to be patriarchal but it becomes even difficult when a male learns all this and simply tries to help their mother, sister, wife and daughter, then he is blessed with so many negative names. Anyway, it’s their mindset and you cannot help it. I am happy till my mom is happy and every time I do these things I feel, even in a smaller way, I have honoured her teachings.

Do the wardrobe - #ShareTheLoad

Do the wardrobe – #ShareTheLoad

All the mothers with young kids please teach your sons right from an early age that there is no shame in doing household chores and I am sure they will grow up as better understanding and empathetic adults.

Do the Wardrobe - #ShareTheLoad


For all those who males help their mothers,
For all those males who can cook,
For all those who can wash clothes with bare hands,
For all those who can arrange their wardrobes…

It’s not a goodbye,
But it’s a GOOD BYE.

Let’s convert our Sundays into SON-days.
Don’t just be a Mamma’s boy, be Mamma’s real SON. Let’s start with #ShareTheLoad every Sunday.

‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

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8 Responses

  1. Bingo, thats an excellent post. I can easily correlate myself. Imagine 80s and with 4 sisters, all elders!!! You are pampered in the name of being a boy 🙂
    I started to learn such simple tasks only after I left my home for very first time to US… and that is where I changed from desi-man to gentle-man !!!
    But u r right… just imagine a guy with broomstick or washed clothes on the terrace of an appartament! What this society sees is????? Anyway, we can say society is not the one that feeds us, but reality is society, by looking down of such men does an irreparable damage to the society itself.
    Good that Blogadda is on to raise some awareness on this line! Cool.

    • Manas Mukul says:

      Thank you so much for the appreciation. Blogadda has taken on this initiative for the past four years. Its a good effort whether it makes a difference or not… Atleast they have started talking about it.

  2. Excellent post Manas! It is indeed a great movement by blogadda and bloggers like you will only add on to the initiative by sharing such post.
    I am back from my short vacation and I just finished writing my #sharetheload story. Was missing my blog 😀

    • Manas Mukul says:

      Thank you so much Priyanka for the first one to read this post. I have always believed in it that no work should be classified as a woman’s job or a man’s job. I guess I am blessed when it comes to this aspect of upbringing. I regularly take out time to cook and few lucky one’s have had the pleasure of being fed by me too. 😀
      Thanks again for visiting 🙂

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