The Cricket Bat

  The Cricket Bat The continuous ringing of doorbell was a unique trait of Papa’s arrival. Every time that happened I almost instinctively knew who would be on the other side of the door. I was right this time too. As soon as he entered he announced, “Listen I have a meeting in the evening … Continue reading

Let's Walk

  Take 1: Come my dear let's walk Let's walk together to forever I know you fear but let's walk Let's walk and defeat it together. We might never be ready Or we are ready now Let's tie our will together And let's walk to see it goes how My mind is wide open To see all the possibilities I … Continue reading

The UGLY Teddy

  Once upon a time in a far-off place, beyond the snow clad mountains, within a mesmerizing landscape, where nature was in its purest form, where the freezing streams originated there was a picturesque land known as ‘Teddyland’. In Teddyland everyone was a teddy bear. From adults to … Continue reading

When I Tell the Truth

        When I tell the truth… I was returning from the temple back to my room. She was walking on the other side of the road with her roommate. Both of them were my classmates too. I closed my eyes, silently prayed to God and hopefully crossed the road. I began, “I want … Continue reading