About the JOKER

Human, PGDM (MBA), Software Engineer, Loves to play sports , loves to write….with a great sense of humour. Unpredictable, Irritating, and many more adjectives. My sister and my friends believe that i have the potential to come up with good writing, so i thought why not take a chance and thats the reason why I am here…..and this is what I speak to myself when i am SERIOUS….

I am not an ardent writer and neither do I put a critical perspective to things, this blog is just a innocent elucidation of my futile mind which needs word to be communicated. I feel things are better said rather than kept behind curtains… emotions are more meaningful with expression, and so are thoughts are of no use till they do not have words to support them. Gone are the days when wise were those who kept silent, it’s about time to let opinions flood, good bad who cares, what matters is the courage to stand up, speak, and let the world know what are your perceptions and apprehensions.

This is not just a blurb, it’s an ardor of a compassionate mind and soul who seeks acknowledgement and if not that, just criticism, point is to reach across not just eyes but souls.

Special Thanks n appreciation to SHRADDHA MUKUL…. i owe a lot of this to her.

keep commenting….i’ll love it.

You can reach me at [email protected]

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