A KISS that never happened

A KISS that never happened…

“Will you be my Dance Partner for Life?” was all I could muster. She cautiously mentioned, “I need some time to think as I am not sure what exactly I am looking for”. 

Some days back while I was in Dubai…

I: See my intentions are very clean and pure for you…but I guess we are not on the same page…at least at this time and point in our lives. You are on my mind and thoughts always and I am not saying this to flatter you. It is really the case.

She: I think we should sit and talk about this. I would want to settle down for sure but I don’t know what I am looking for and even if I say I will think about it I am uncertain how will you take it plus I am skeptical about what I want.

I: Okay then lets sit and talk.

I came down to her town. Was there for about a week and tried to reach out to her everyday and plan a meeting. She was either too busy or too busy, but all in all didn’t meet me. I was hurt and on top of that she forgot my birthday. The only thing that came to my mind was it’s all about the priorities and my name wasn’t on that list. “When she has her priorities cut out then why are you busy trying to woo her”, the mind questioned. The mind understands and takes a stand but the poor heart gives way.

When the meeting finally took place

I drove to her place and from there we went in her car to a Gurudwara. Just before leaving She had washed her face and forgot to put any makeup. Her kohl-less eyes were really piercing. Her face was looking simplistically amazing and serene just like the face of a newly born. She wrapped around a ‘duppatta’ (Indian Scarf) around her head before entering the premise. I am not finding any words to describe her. It’s in my memory and every time I close my eyes I can see her. She was looking like the perfect wife that I always dreamed off. She herself was not at peace from within but for the first time I noticed that there was a lot of calm on her face, which was actually getting transferred on to me. In fact the peace returned to the Gurudwara once she arrived. After she prayed we sat on a bench inside the premise.

She began, “I guess you are not planning to shave off your beard anytime soon”. “I celebrated a very dear friend’s birthday in January and that was the last time I shaved”, I said mischievously. She interrupted me mid sentence, “yayayaya…I know I know…it was my birthday only”. I smiled sheepishly and began:

You said that you are looking for someone who is mature…who is elder to you. My question to you is what is the guarantee that a person who is elder to you is definitely more mature and a guy couple of years younger wont be. A guy who has shouldered a lot of responsibilities and seen a lot in his past and who has tried to do justice to each one of them would have some level of maturity and understanding to do it.

All this while I have loved you…the form might be different. I never judged you for you being you. I never judged you for your scores, I never judged you for your lifestyle, I never judged you for how you dress up, I never even judged you when you went after other guys, I was always with you…but now I believe I should be given a chance to prove my worth. How can I convince you to be mine?
Her puzzled look conveyed that she wasn’t ready with an answer and the talkative me continued.

I love the way you are. The complete you…not a percent here and there. I guess I have fallen for this imperfection. I love your innocence and at the same time your carelessness. I love your smile and at the same time your temper. I love your giggles and at the same time your anger. I love your warmth and at the same time the way you shun people away. I love the genuine friendliness in you and at the same the difficult being that you are. I love your dance and at the same time the flaws. 

he found peace and solace

What my heart felt

I believe love is binding together of all perfections and imperfections of two souls. If it’s too perfect then it can’t be love. That way it would be become too boring and the love will slowly find its death. The beauty of it lies in it only. What’s the point of happiness if there is no sorrow…what’s the point of day if there is no night…what’s the point of good if there is no bad. Imperfections bring a sense of realism to everything. The most important thing would be how we use all these to our advantage…to our bond…to our relationship.

“I feel there isn’t any spark. We don’t have that connection and on top of that I am myself not sure what I am actually looking for”, she reasoned.

Irony of my life would be our relationship getting burnt when there was no spark in it 🙁

I Continued, “It took a lot in me to bring back to life that part which died 3 years back and I decided that I wont consider anyone to be my soul mate ever again. But with you I can see a future, I can see a way and above all I can see a life. If I can do that so can you. In any case you are going out to screen candidates for a perfect arranged marriage. In the first couple of meetings can you imagine kissing someone, that spark might be there…but how would you make sure of his nature, behavior and his real self? At least with me you don’t have to make any guesses. You know who I am or is it going to be another case where a guy who is friends with someone for so long, will lose out just because he was a genuine dear friend.”

Image ref: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3051286/Cara-Delevingne-takes-Twitter-deny-split-girlfriend-St-Vincent.html

Image ref: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3051286/Cara-Delevingne-takes-Twitter-deny-split-girlfriend-St-Vincent.html

I thought people seek someone who never asks them to change and accepts them the way they are. I have heard many of my friends complain that they have found a husband and he loves them but they haven’t found a friend in him. I totally believe that if there is love and no friendship then a marriage might flounder but if there is a strong bond of friendship between a couple where they can share each and everything with their partner without the fear of being judged, a marriage can withstand any storm.

“You do not understand my point of view. I can’t force myself to love you or even like you”, she was beginning to sound desperate. I listened to her reasons but they weren’t making sense…I guess for the first time I was finding it really hard to decrypt the fairer and better gender.
I tried to reason her out, “See in 99% of the cases when two people fall in love with each other, its always that one person falls in love and then woos and convinces the other.” We fall in love with our puppy or the recently gifted sapling. It’s all in the mind. It just takes one thought to be in love with someone.

I could sense that she was now very edgy and was beginning to lose her patience. We got up from the bench and headed towards the car.
You won’t believe but this year whatever decisions I have taken were totally based on us. I have not been able to make the next career move because you are not sure how you want us to proceed.

I am ready to love you with all what I have…with all what I am. And if you don’t know it I am already in so much love with you. I want us to dance together, to travel to see the world together, to laugh together, to fight together, to make each other feel safe, to complete each other and to grow old together, and in the process to love each other so that our bond of friendship grows forever.

“I cannot imagine kissing you”, she shouted back irritatingly while putting car in the top gear.

and it doesn't make a sound

and it doesn’t make a sound (Image Ref: http://tinybuddha.com/blog/breaking-free-from-the-pain-of-heartbreak/)

There was silence in the car after that. After a while she said in a dejected tone, “Now you will go quite”. I shyly mentioned, “I am thinking…”

We reached her place. I chose its better to bid goodbye and let her be happy the way she wants to be. I leant forward placed a safe kiss on her forehead, tightly hugged her and whispered; ”All I wanted was a chance and I really wanted this to work…anyway…this is the final time that we are seeing each other”.

I turned around…got on my bike…with moist eyes…had a joyless smile on my face, which echoed with my broken heart…rode away.

Image Ref: Poetry Language

Image Ref: Poetry Language

For all those who have suffered heartbreaks,
For all those who are with their love,
For all those who are friend zoned,
For all those who still can’t convince her,
For all those who smile in that pain…
It’s not a GoodBye…
But It’s a GOOD BYE
Manas ‘Sameer’ Mukul

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36 Responses

  1. Vishal Jain says:

    If it was a fictional story, then it’s no more. It’s almost related to what happened with me, except the latter part. I sometimes try to put my life into words, but I am not able to. Will try again sometimes sooner. Good write up though 🙂

  2. Kushagra Kumar says:

    Awsome write-up.
    Not sure about other’s but i can relate things pretry much to evertthing. And one who said it is impossible to understand women was a very wise man and i this case “impossible” will never say that ‘I’ ‘M’ ‘Possible’
    Cheers and keep scribbling 🙂

  3. Nitin Gupta says:

    I was patiently listening to the side of the Joker that a very few people have seen, and that I have always seen the other side of him as a friend.
    With whatever going around I could only sense there is something bothering but you’ve always hidden in behind those other 10000 things you told us, those #BakarSessions
    But things so beautifully penned down.
    And then people wondered how did he write such huge email.. #DardBahutHAI

  4. Sujit Dahibawkar says:

    What a wonderful way of aligning your thoughts Manas. Was a bliss to read. Feels as if your life is juxtaposed to the character in this storyline. Truly amazing. Keep writing dear friend! 🙂

  5. Great story. Never to be heartbroken. The protagonist was destined to meet a much better life partner.
    You may check out my blog at http://www.yesteethatsme.com

  6. sreshti bagati says:

    Another masterpiece after so long. Keep writing 🙂

  7. you should write often so that we can read you often 🙂 nicely written 🙂 keep going !

  8. Prachi Tripathi says:

    Awesome work manas… loved it

  9. Vishal Varshney says:

    Great Work Bro.. Keep it up…

  10. shaista2709 says:

    Very well written!!

  11. Nishant says:

    Yeah Manas … Keep writing if it’s fiction …. Or fiction inspired by real life… But if its real then I m not sure that the girl will be all that thrilled about you putting largely personal interactions on the blog… Its a great read for a third person though

  12. Painful and sad. Nicely written, though (except for the small errors which can be overlooked) 🙂 Made me feel for the boy but sometimes somethings are just not meant to happen, i guess.

  13. Milan says:

    nicely worded! sometimes the things doesn’t work out between two people but that’s destiny. although it doesn’t mean the end of road.

  14. Ajay Arora says:

    Got me completely engrossed ! Well written buddy !

  15. Intellidiot says:

    Good one….I like the end part in which 85% people don’t do that.
    In past girls are believe to be more emotional and they were but now they are more calculative.
    The statement,”I am myself not sure what I am actually looking for” means “I know you are there but let me find more rich and smart guy, if it not happpen then i may run my life with your money.” Ha ha ha …..

  16. If she read it, she would be dragged by her hormones and you will be called by her emotions sooner….all I can pray for this!!
    This is not end but beginning of chapter 2 by her vocabs which might be regenerated in your words ‘The kiss that actually happened’ 😛
    Love from Brother from another Mother 😉

  17. shwetika1 says:

    It is always delightful to go through your blog posts. Another good piece from you. Keep up the good work bhaiya. Quite heartwrenching though !

  18. Deepika Saxena says:

    Awesome write up…loved every part of it…
    Keep writing 🙂

  19. Though never heartbroken in Love..but lots of things have happened in the past which have broken me from inside. Somehow today is not a happy day for me. I am feeling too low and then I read your write -up and lost my calm

  20. Mummasaurus says:

    this is a gorgeous, and a very strong read. The inserted quotes in between are heart wrenching!

  21. Priyanka Naik says:

    That’s the way life works. Never try too hard to convince someone it’s love. If it’s love, you won’t have to…
    And if they don’t feel it, no amount of convincing is ever going to work!
    Here’s to moving on…

  22. It is first time while reading for My Friend Alexa campaign that I am at loss for words. There are many such stories around us. Not every time one can convince the other but still love remains… and it should always be a ‘good’ bye.

  23. Surbhi says:

    Beautifully penned… my favourite kind of stories:) Keep them coming!

  24. So so beautiful….I can understand what the girl must be thinking but if I were in her place I would have said yes.
    Superb story

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